There’s Something Strange Happening on This Mountain

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On Aliens: Are they Extraterrestrials from space? Or are they interdimensional beings who’ve been here all along? Even top UFO-ologists admit they seem more interdimensional at this point – what does it mean? As a former Anti-theist who prided myself on my debate skills on the topic, I’ve come to accept much of what I had thought I knew was based on “deep state science” and lies. Peel back the mystery, go back in time – beyond the myths and legends – and you find inevitably from their own belief systems overwhelming evidence that all religions and myths harken back to the Pre-Flood worship of these “sacred serpent” beings. From the Greek Titans to the Hindu half animal giant gods, The Apkallu of Ancient Sumeria, to the Gods of Babylon and their demand for child sacrifice, even the Egyptian Pantheon – they were the physical flesh and blood descendants of the original intruders that we call Aliens, but the ancients called Bene Ha Elohim – the Sons of God. Or, more correctly – Fallen Angels… Whatever you believe, there are a lot of Satanists (creationists) putting a lot of effort to convince the world to be atheist, and believe in what I and others call the Alien Deception.


There is a mysterious mountain in Arizona that is said to be a portal into another dimension. Dr. Tom Horn reveals what’s at the heart of this mystery in this very special interview. Learn about the Vatican’s lucifer telescope, ufo portals, and monsters!

I interviewed Tom Horn for my upcoming documentary on the ancient Anasazi and the mysterious Chaco Canyon, this is just a small portion of that interview. #TomHorn #UFOs #Bible

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