They HAVE Always been HERE, Anunnaki Underground City Found, House of ENKI and Ereshkigal

The “House of En-Ki”–“Lord of That Which Is Below”.

It was an Ancient Land — created in an era before history began.
It was known by many names by a number of civilisations —
The Phoenicians called it ‘Scheria’ — the ‘Land at the End of the World’.
The Queen of Sheba referred to it as ‘Ophir’ — “Whence Semitic Sailors brought Gold to add lustre to King Solomon’s glory”.
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‘Ophir Direct’ — A map of the old Gold-Fields of Southern Africa dated 1866-67. The Gold deposits discovered by Hartley and Mauch were generally identified with the Biblical Land of Ophir.

Ancient Sumerian scripts speak of the ‘Land of Ereshkigal’ — the ‘Prairie Country of HA-BUR’ — It was from here they received cargoes of Gold, Precious Stones, Exotic Timbers and a multitude of other luxury merchandise, all conveyed by sea. The capital of ‘Ereshkigal’, according to the texts was in the ‘GAB. KURA. RA. or in the ‘Chest of the Mountains’ and positioned well inland from the sea in Southern Africa — this was the abode of ‘EN-KI, (EA) — ‘Lord of the Abzu’.

Source: BoazMysteries


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