They Opened A Portal Into Another World

Portals can be found all over the world, hiding in the most unexpected places.

This is the story of the Ancient Anasazi people and a mysterious ancient city in New Mexico. Chaco Canyon New Mexico is an ancient city deep in the canyons that were mysteriously abandoned. Archeologists say that the Anazsai people migrated out of the area due to drought, ut if that was the case, why did they leave their belonging in the houses? The physical evidence left behind seems to suggest a hasty retreat out of the canyon. But would cause them to run and leave valuable items behind?

In this Documentary, we examine some of the legends surrounding the event and see if we can figure out what happens to the ancient Anasazi.

They opened a portal and something came through.

This is the story of the Ancient Anasazi People and how it’s much stranger than most people realize.

Source: End Times Productions


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