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The power of television is undeniable. It has been used as a tool to influence and manipulate populations for decades. The documentary, “Television’s Manipulative Power,” delves into the history of television and the various techniques that have been used to manipulate viewers.

The documentary starts with the early history of television and how it was used to promote certain products and ideas. It then explains how the government has used mainstream media for its own agenda, manipulating public perception to maintain power and control over the populace.

One of the most concerning topics covered in the documentary is how companies target children through television programming. Advertisers understand that children have a significant influence on their parents’ purchasing decisions and use this to their advantage by promoting products through children’s programs.

The documentary also touches on predictive programming, which is a technique used in movies and TV shows to prepare viewers for the future. This often involves introducing concepts and ideas that may seem far-fetched at the time but become a reality in the future.

The Rockefeller Foundation’s influence on the public school system is another topic covered in the documentary. It explains how the organization played a significant role in shaping the educational system into what it is today and how this has contributed to the dumbing down of the US population.

Finally, the documentary explores how the mainstream media uses the term “conspiracy theory” to ridicule free thinkers, skeptics, and anyone who questions the “official story.” This is a tactic used to shut down alternative views and maintain the status quo.

In conclusion, “Television’s Manipulative Power” is a thought-provoking documentary that exposes the ways in which television has been used to manipulate and control the population. It is a must-see for anyone who seeks to understand the power dynamics behind the media industry.

Credit : ODD TV 


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