Aftershock: The Ancient Cataclysm That Erased Human History

Nemos’ Notes: While this may have some useful information, please watch it knowing that Space is Fake.


“Dr. Paul LaViolette has just contacted me and said that the pulsar idea is not correct; my apologies to him. ‘First of all, I never have said that the Galactic core is a pulsar. You’re saying that. Is there some way you can correct that because it sounds very crazy to me.

In my opinion the Galactic core is a “mother star”. To understand what a mother star is, you need to read my other books and understand subquantum kinetics. The core spontaneously generates energy internally which is why it does not collapse.

Also you left out the most important part of my theory, the solar outburst or nova. The superwave only triggers the event. Most of the damage is done by the Sun. The superwave pushes dust into the solar system, which in turn aggravates the Sun, which in turn flares periodically to cause such disasters. There are many other energy effects, spectrum changes, etc. involved as well, all of which are explained in my books.'”

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