Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat, Hollow & Domed


The sky is deep, the sky is dark, The light of stars is so damn stark.
When I look up, I fill with fear. If all we have is what lies here,
this lonely world, this troubled place, then cold dead stars and empty space . . .
Well, I see no reason to persevere, no reason to laugh or shed a tear,
no reason to sleep or ever to wake, no promises to keep, and none to make.
And so at night I still raise my eyes to study the clear but mysterious skies —
that arch above us, as cold as stone. Are you there, God? Are we alone?

~The Book of Counted Sorrows


“If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?”
~Jesus (John 3:12)

And Vrias sayd vnto Dauid: the arck and Israel & Iuda dwell in pauilions: & my Lord Ioab and the seruauntes of my Lorde lye in tentes vpon the flat earthe: and shulde I then go into myne house, to eate and to dryncke & to lye wyth my wyfe? By thy lyfe and as sure as thy soule lyueth, I wyll not do that thyng.

~2 Samuel 11:11 (Thomas Matthews Bible – The only Reliable English Bible)

“I stand witness as a former lifelong anti god antitheist atheist, who never lost a single debate with any theist in my life – that as someone who tested Biblical Earth, I converted to “Scientific Fundamentalist Jesus Freak” instantly upon testing of various religious holy texts (only the Hebrew Bible has 100% accurate synchronized prophecies in fine detail, by the hundreds (or thousands) hundreds (or thousands) of years apart every single time.) I stand corrected and humbled eternally, having been a know it all before – And in my time, I have woken up tens of thousands of others to Christ, and to YHWH, and to Biblical Earth using the Scientific Method to prove Biblical Earth, precisely as God told us. I witness there is no more powerful tool in a modern Bible Scholar’s toolkit than Biblical Flat Earth and the Seed War to wake people up to the truth of God, YHWH – our creator. Who wrote His name on every cell of our body…”

~Dustin Nemos, The Archivist

Glorious Design
Glorious Design – Crepuscular Rays

HEATED DEBATE! Flat Earther VS Round Earther

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How would you know?

Historical Context



Scientism in Context


Geocentricity – The Center of the Universe

Fixed & Unmoving – Earth Does Not Spin Nor Move

Scriptural Evidence for a Biblically Flat Earth within a Solid Firmament Dome Enclosure Surrounded by “Waters Above.”

The Science of Biblical Earth

Our Planet is Younger than 10,000 Years

Hollow Earth

The Agenda

Actual Shape of Earth (Based on Available Evidence and Scripture)


How would you know?

Heliocentric Prison For Your Mind – How would you know?

Historical Context


Until the last few hundred years, the world unanimously believed the planet looked something like this:

Ancient Cosmology Beliefs


Biblical Earth – Ancient Hebrew


Biblical Earth – Verses Sampling

Did God really say you’re in a young, hollow, stationary, geocentric, circle inscribed flat world set on pillars within a dome firmament in which the sun, moon and stars were placed on day 4? Yes!

Ancient Cosmology Beliefs2


This ancient conception of cosmology changed when the Pedophile Pagan Priesthood (The Roman Catholic Church) introduced these “Scientists” to pagan teachings (from the Midici Library, primarily):

The Wizards of Scientism
The Wizards of Scientism


Isaac Newton – Heliocentrism – The Theory of Gravity



Like Pagan Sun Worship and Gravity theories from the preflood world.

Hermes Emerald Tablets – The Origination of Newton’s Gravity Theory


Newton – Alchemist


Hermes Cosmology

Ancient Pagans unanimously engaged in Sun Worship, which passed through the teachings of Hermes / Thoth to the Roman Papacy’s Scientific “Learning against learning” strategy to counter the reformation.

Theories they, in some instances, even refused to have their names attached to:

Newton Debunks Gravity

As Rob Skiba put it before his unusual and suspicious death…:

“What does all of this have to do with the Flat Earth Controversy? The main thing I want you to get … is how much the occult, Freemasonry and specifically the worship of and/or other associations with Apollo always seem to pop up where the subject of the globe is concerned. These Apollo/sun god worshippers and believers in heliocentricity caused many to either question, totally rethink and/or toss out what the Scriptures actually say concerning the earth and its place in the cosmos.

~Rob Skiba, Excerpt: Gearing Up For Apollo: Part 1- Architects of a Spherical World


And came up with this strategy of Fake News (in Science) after the printing press made killing truthtellers and burning their bibles and news fast enough virtually impossible.

“Rome eventually gave up it’s futile efforts to stop the Reformation (Bible Printing, trying to burn all the bibles and their owners with them), and decided on a strategy of infiltration called “Learning against Learning”. This was the creation of modern fake Scientism, and contributed greatly to “Fake News.” This decision caused, in my opinion, moreso than any other – the great falling away of the Christian faith spoken of in end times.”

~Nemos, The Archivist – Heliosorcery – Rome Weaponized Pagan Occult Fake Science To Debunk God’s Word

Learning Against Learning - Wolsey
Learning Against Learning – Wolsey – Click to Enlarge


“In the Catholic world prior to Galileo’s conflict with the Church, the majority of educated people subscribed to the Aristotelian geocentric view that the earth was the center of the universe and that all heavenly bodies revolved around the Earth,[53] despite the use of Copernican theories to reform the calendar in 1582.[54] Biblical references Psalm 93:1, 96:10, and 1 Chronicles16:30 include text stating that “the world is firmly established, it cannot be moved.” In the same manner, Psalm 104:5 says, “the Lord set the earth on its foundations; it can never be moved.” Further, Ecclesiastes 1:5 states that “And the sun rises and sets and returns to its place.”[55]”

~Heliosorcery – Rome Weaponized Pagan Occult Fake Science To Debunk God’s Word


Slowly, over time and despite leaders speaking out against this anti biblical and anti observable scientific method nonsense, the lay people became more and more inundated by the continual propaganda and eventually succumbed to this modern worldview:

Contradictions in Globes – Click to Enlarge

Scientism in Context

New Discoveries That Completely Alter Human History – UnchartedX CLIPPING



“the earth is allegedly tilted at 23.4 degrees off of the center of a 90 degree angle. Well, 90 – 23.4 = 66.6. I suppose that’s probably just a coincidence. Or is it?

~Gearing Up For Apollo: Part 1- Architects of a Spherical World

And while honest “Globalists” will admit that they do not really understand what they believe:


MichioKaku – Off By A Massive Margin – Click to Enlarge

There are too many profiting from the lie and those who print the money keep it that way to create a mindprison planet of souls:

Priests of Scientism
Priests of Scientism



Founder of NASA
Founder of NASA


NASA-Simulations – Click to Enlarge


Lies whose victims number as the sands of the sea.

Voltaire’s French Revolution – Newtonian Influence – Click to Enlarge


But they continually slip up, and make mistakes. Like telling us we went to the moon in this:

Then we catch them in the lies and expose it anew, while they respond with Fake News From Authority – Cardinal Wolsey’s Seemingly Immortal Hydra: “Learning Against Learning.” This game has gone on for a long time, and the lies are getting much more subtle and complicated and also much slower to take hold. As mankinds superstition has decreased and knowledge (and skepticism) has increased generally, pushing these lies has become more like pushing rope – ineffectual and impotent. The age of the internet has given us everything we need to call out many lies, foremost among these, perhaps – is the true cosmology of our world. This is not simply bad science nor mere profiteering from mass deception, this is a massive conspiracy to deny you the truth of who, and whose, you are.

Cousin and Kin to Fake News, Modern Scientism is undergoing a credibility crisis.












Biblical Earth is the truth of our world. Not only is it flat, but also fixed (unmoving) and the center of the universe (Geocentricity) and God’s focus. It’s also protected by an impenetrable bubble called the Firmament. It’s also less than 10,000 years old (Young Earth Creationism) You can picture it somewhat like a snow globe. On this page you can get an introduction to this heavily censored concept as well as find additional sources.

If you thought Fake News was bad, wait until you find out about History and Science.

We will use the scientific method, as well as the holy scriptures (which pair harmoniously) to discredit their bogus hypothesis’ and “Deep State Scientism” – and reveal the agenda behind them: They want you to doubt God’s existence and fall for the coming Alien Deception. We even show NASA to be nothing but a club of Freemason Actors.

When you have questions, first check the FAQ: Here Biblical Earth FAQ

People need to understand the biblical truths about our current political situation are backed by scientific method which debunks Trust The Science for the last 500 years.





Geocentricity – The Center of the Universe

***What is Geocentricity?***

Simply put, geocentricity is the theory that the Earth is the center of the universe, not the sun. The sun revolves around the earth, not the earth around the sun. While shocking, the scientific process confirms this and disproves the never validated Copernican model of Heliocentrism.

Star Alignments - Biblical Earth
Star Alignments – Biblical Earth
Luminaries of Flat Earth
Luminaries of Flat Earth

Star Perspectives By Season – Do YOU *Get It* Yet?

to Eratosthenes…

Modern science believes he may have accurately calculated the distance from the Earth to the Sun and invented the leap day. He created the first map of the world incorporating parallels and meridians, based on the available geographical knowledge of the era. Quite a guy, huh? But how did he do all of that? Well, apparently, he noticed the shadow on an obelisk in Egypt at one location was different from how it appeared at another location at the same time of day. One had almost no shadow, while the other had a long shadow. His conclusion was that the earth must be a sphere and so with that preconceived notion, he did some math calculations to prove that notion and determine how big the alleged sphere was.

That all seems reasonable enough, however, the same thing can be observed in the Flat Earth model. But, in the Flat Earth model, the sun is not millions of miles away. Rather it is much closer and way smaller than the standard model we’ve all been taught. With the smaller, moving sun inside the dome of an enclosed flat earth, you still get the same exact results as those Eratosthenes observed. To prove this, in a 3D program called Poser, I created a flat plain, with two obelisks and a point light with a limited throw:

I then moved that light from being over the top of one to being over the top of the other. Then I zoomed out and raised the camera high above the scene to show how day and night still works with this model as well. The point light only illuminates a specified area. The other areas remain in the dark. You can see my video here:

So, at least in my mind, the early Greek “meter stick” and obelisk experiment proves one of at least two ideas at best. It is by no means conclusive. But there can be no doubt that Eratosthenes was the one who really “got the ball rolling” on this topic.

Moonlight Disproves Eratosthenes’ Shadow Experiment, since it Casts the Same Shadows as the Sun

Fixed & Unmoving – Earth Does Not Spin Nor Move



SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS. Most scientists know about the Michelson-Morely experiment – that failed to detect any movement of the earth round the sun. This had to be overcome so the Fitzgerald-Lorentz shortening of the apparatus was proposed, and eventually the paradoxical Relativity Theory was invented by Einstein to overcome this problem. However, there are three other experiments that have been deliberately ignored by universities because they support geocentricity –

(a) The Michelson-Gale experiment (Reference – Astrophysical Journal 1925 v 61 pp 140-5 – I forgot to put this reference in my book!) This detected the aether passing the surface of the earth with an accuracy of 2% of the speed of the daily rotation of the earth! Thus, the Michelson-Morely experiment detected no movement of the earth around the sun, yet the Michelson-Gale experiment measured the earth’s rotation (or the aether’s rotation around the earth!) to within 2%! This surely speaks volumes for geocentricity.

(b) “Airey’s failure” (Reference – Proc. Roy. Soc. London v 20 p 35). Telescopes have to be very slightly tilted to get the starlight going down the axis of the tube because of the earth’s “speed around the sun”. Airey filled a telescope with water that greatly slowed down the speed of the light inside the telescope and found that he did not have to change the angle of the telescope. This showed that the starlight was already coming in at the correct angle so that no change was needed. This demonstrated that it was the stars moving relative to a stationary earth and not the fast orbiting earth moving relative to the comparatively stationary stars. If it was the telescope moving he would have had to change the angle.

(c) The Sagnac experiment (Reference – Comptes Rendus 1913 v157 p 708-710 and 1410-3) Sagnac rotated a table complete with light and mirrors with the light being passed in opposite directions around the table between the mirrors. He detected the movement of the table by the movement of the interference fringes on the target where they were recombined. This proved that there IS an aether that the light has to pass through and this completely destroys Einstein’s theory of Relativity that says there is no aether. It is for this reason that this experiment is completely ignored by scientists. More recently Kantor has found the same result with similar apparatus.

All these experiments are never taught at universities, so consequently, scientists, including most Christian creationists, are ignorant of this evidence for geocentricity. Is it any wonder, therefore, that Christian geocentrists find their most vociferous opponents are fellow Christian creationists to whom geocentricity comes as a shock. They do not want to be tarred with such a heretical brush that will only increase the great ridicule they are already receiving for their stance against evolution?

Enoch’s Pillar Supported Dome World and the Bible

Fair Education Foundation, Inc. on the Fixed Earth:


Impossible Triple Wobbles – Click to Enlarge


Impossible Triple Wobbles – Click to Enlarge


No Movement – Click to Enlarge


Science & Scriptural Evidence for a Biblically Flat Earth within a Solid Firmament Dome Enclosure.

I know that you did not learn this in public school, but this is also what the Bible teaches. [Do you believe the Scriptures?, all of it?] Please read on. And let’s “Test all Things” together.



The Scriptures

This subject generates far more heat than light in Christian circles. Invariably the reaction is emotional because Christians do not want to be tainted with the labels of “scientific ignoramus” and such like. I here set out the basic arguments that are given more fully in my “True Science Agrees with the Bible” – Appendix 10.

(1) BIBLICAL SUPPORT. There are many references to the sun “going down”, “arising” etc. NOT ONCE does the Bible ever refer to the earth rotating. Those who say that the Bible is only recording the “appearance” of the movement of the sun–

(a) are having to ADD to the most obvious meaning of the understanding of the Bible passage and

(b) are adopting the same position as liberal critics who have tried to destroy the Bible by saying that many of the sayings of Christ were “adapted to the simple understanding and low education of His hearers” and that we are more educated today to correct what he said – or such like. The Bible is true in its normal sensible understanding of its statements. We say sensible because we do not literally interpret what are clearly allegories and metaphors – this is usually used by critics to ridicule Bible believers.

(2) THE SEQUENCE OF CREATION. There is a major Biblical problem facing Christian heliocentrists. The sun is not referred to until Day 4. Most contend that it was created on Day 1 but only became visible on Day 4 so that they can have the earth going round the sun from the very first day of its creation. The problem is that the same word is used for the creation of the sun as for other material or animals in Genesis 1. “Bara” and “Asah” are both used for creation and there is no distinction between creation from nothing and creation from previous created material. Both words are used of Man’s creation. To say that the sun had already been created before day 4 is to twist the scriptures beyond acceptability in this one specific case to save the heliocentric position – and Hebrew scholars agree. If this interpretation is used in this one instance, why is it not used for all the other verses in Genesis. It would make nonsense of the whole record of events.

So the Hebrew insists that the sun was created on Day 4. How then did the earth rotate around a non-existent sun for three days? And when the sun was created on Day 4, did God give the earth a jolt and send it on its circular route around the sun? Surely the most obvious explanation is that the earth was created FIRST of all the universe – as the Bible says – and the universe rotated around it – with all the planets created later on Day 4. How this could take place scientifically we examine below.

God Said The World Is Flat


The Science of Flat:


“All evidence regarding the shape of the Earth can be categorized into two main classes/categories.

The first class of evidence :
(1) Evidence that can be obtained, experienced and verified by independent individuals and regular people.

The second class of evidence:
(2) Evidence obtained from 3rd party sources: NASA, ESA, Roscosmos, US DoD etc.
(Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Hubble Telescope, Voyager 2 ).

If we consider only class (1) evidence, then without a doubt our senses and eyes tell us that the Earth is flat and stationary.
(i) The horizon appears flat and remains flat regardless of our altitude.
(ii) Roads, bridges and railways do not account for any curvature of the Earth in their construction.
(iii) Lighthouses are visible from dozens of miles away.
(iv) Skydivers jumping out of a plane, land on the ground without any movement or horizontal translation due to the alleged rotation of the Earth.
(v) When traveling on an airplane, the airplane does not constantly adjust it’s altitude nor pitch for the alleged curvature of the Earth.
The airplane remains level throughout the flight. This is impossible if the Earth is a sphere.

When we consider evidence obtained from class (2), which we CANNOT independently verify, for example from NASA,
we have plenty of reasons to be skeptical of such evidence.
The Apollo 11 Moon landing is a perfect example of hoaxed evidence and fakery.
Briefly listed here, several issues are:
(i) the photographs are obvious fakes since artifical light sources are used given multiple shadow lines,
(ii) identical landscape backgrounds in several photos,
(iii) the lack of craters and dust on the Eagle landing pads and rover,
(iv) destroyed evidence: all 1.5 tons of film footage and telemetry has been destroyed,
(v) the “C” rock labelled with a printed C found in numerous photographs,
(vi) lastly scientists now admit that the Van Allen Radiation belts cannot be presently transvered with our current technology,

When viewing the details about the alleged landing, an intellectually honest observer can see that it makes no sense.
Go and watch the lunar module blasting off from the Moon’s surface.
You will be left with the distinct impression that the module is being hoisted up from the ceiling by a mechanical crane.

We have been lied to about absolutely everything.
Consider how many lies we have already been told before I get to the punchline:

(1) COVID-19 hoax, Infection to fatality rate: 0.003%, Real deaths only 5% of all CDC listed deaths

(2) Election Fraud: Massive computerized, ballot-stuffing theft

(3) 9/11: Inside job, No airplanes, controlled demolitions of all buildings

(4) Nuclear Weapons are Fake: There is no radioactive fallout at the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. People, animals and plant life are comfortably living there.
There is no dangerous thousands-year half-life of radioactive contaminants because all nuclear weapons are fake.
This also means that Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and present day Fukushima are gigantic scams meant to create fear and steal trillions from humanity.
It is working.

(5) Free Energy: We have had free energy available to us for more than a century but it has been purposely hidden from us.
I give two sources here: (1) Atmospheric electricity from travelling magnetic/current lines and Cracking Water similar to Cold Fusion and Electrolysis.

(6) Cancer Cures: We have had the cure for cancer for decades but it is being hidden from us.
Baking soda, coconut and cannabis oil for example are 100% cures for cancer.

Now considering the above, Is it so hard to believe that the Rockefeller/Rothschilds Khazarian Mafia is hiding the truth about outer space ?
That they are hiding from us the true shape of the Earth ?
If we can show that the Earth is flat that means it was created by intelligent design , magically.
That means we are made of magic.
As simple as that.
And I have just showed you that the Earth is flat and therefore we are magical beings of light energy.

Why are they lying to us?
Because if the true shape of the Earth were known to all of humankind , it would have two important consequences:

(1) A God/Creator must definitely exist. You cannot have a flat stationary Earth (where outer space is a fiction) forming from
natural and random processes of science.

(2) Humans are divine beings. Luminous and magical beings are we, not this crude matter.

With the advent of the internet, the truth about our planet and who we are is being revealed to all.
One day, all of humanity will know that we are magical beings birthed from a Creator who loves us unconditionally.”



Architects & Engineers for Flat Earth Truth


Surveyors, engineers and architects are never required to factor the supposed curvature of the Earth into their projects, providing another proof the world is a plane, not a planet. Canals and railways, for example, are always cut and laid horizontally, often over hundreds of miles, without any allowance for curvature.

One surveyor, Mr. T. Westwood, wrote into the January, 1896 “Earth Review” magazine stating that, “In leveling, I work from Ordinance marks, or canal levels, to get the height above sea level. The puzzle to me used to be, that over several miles each level was and is treated throughout its whole length as the same level from end to end; not the least allowance being made for curvature. One of the civil engineers in this district, after some amount of argument on each side as to the reason why no allowance for curvature was made, said he did not believe anybody would know the shape of the earth in this life.”

Another Surveyor and Engineer of thirty years wrote to the Birmingham Weekly Mercury, Feb. 15th, 1890 stating, “I am thoroughly acquainted with the theory and practice of civil engineering. However bigoted some of our professors may be in the theory of surveying according to the prescribed rules, yet it is well known amongst us that such theoretical measurements are INCAPABLE OF ANY PRACTICAL ILLUSTRATION. All our locomotives are designed to run on what may be regarded as TRUE LEVELS or FLATS. There are, of course, partial inclines or gradients here and there, but they are always accurately defined and must be carefully traversed. But anything approaching to eight inches in the mile, increasing as the square of the distance, COULD NOT BE WORKED BY ANY ENGINE THAT WAS EVER YET CONSTRUCTED.

Taking one station with another all over England and Scotland, it may be stated that all the platforms are ON THE SAME RELATIVE LEVEL. The distance between Eastern and Western coasts of England may be set down as 300 miles. If the prescribed curvature was indeed as represented, the central stations at Rugby or Warwick ought to be close upon three miles higher than a chord drawn from the two extremities. If such was the case there is not a driver or stoker within the Kingdom that would be found to take charge of the train. We can only laugh at those of your readers who seriously give us credit for such venturesome exploits, as running trains round spherical curves. Horizontal curves on levels are dangerous enough, vertical curves would be a thousand times worse, and with our rolling stock constructed as at present physically impossible.”

Engineer, W. Winckler, wrote into the Earth Review October 1893 regarding the Earth’s supposed curvature, stating, “As an engineer of many years standing, I saw that this absurd allowance is only permitted in school books. No engineer would dream of allowing anything of the kind. I have projected many miles of railways and many more of canals and the allowance has not even been thought of, much less allowed for. This allowance for curvature means this – that it is 8” for the first mile of a canal, and increasing at the ratio by the square of the distance in miles; thus a small navigable canal for boats, say 30 miles long, will have, by the above rule an allowance for curvature of 600 feet. Think of that and then please credit engineers as not being quite such fools. Nothing of the sort is allowed. We no more think of allowing 600 feet for a line of 30 miles of railway or canal, than of wasting our time trying to square the circle”

The Suez Canal which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Gulf of Suez on the Red Sea is a clear proof of the Earth’s and water’s non-convexity. The canal is 100 miles long and without any locks so the water within is an uninterrupted continuation of the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. When it was constructed, the Earth’s supposed curvature was not taken into account, it was dug along a horizontal datum line 26 feet below sea-level, passing through several lakes from one sea to the other, with the datum line and the water’s surface running perfectly parallel over the 100 miles. The average level of the Mediterranean is 6 inches above the Red Sea, while the floodtides in the Red Sea rise 4 feet above the highest and drop 3 feet below the lowest in the Mediterranean, making the half-tide level of the Red Sea, the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, and the 100 miles of water in the canal, all a clear continuation of the same horizontal line! Were they instead the supposed curved line of globe-Earthers, the water in the center of the canal would be 1666 feet (502 x 8 inches = 1666 feet 8 inches) above the respective Seas on either side!

“The distance between the Red Sea at Suez and the Mediterranean Sea is 100 statute miles, the datum line of the Canal being 26 feet below the level of the Mediterranean, and is continued horizontally the whole way from sea to sea, there not being a single lock on the Canal, the surface of the water being parallel with the datum line. It is thus clear that there is no curvature or globularity for the whole hundred miles between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea; had there been, according to the Astronomic theory, the middle of the Canal would have been 1,666 feet higher than at either end, whereas the Canal is perfectly horizontal for the whole distance. The Great Canal of China, said to be 700 miles in length, was made without regard to any allowance for supposed curvature, as the Chinese believe the Earth to be a Stationary Plane. I may also add that no allowance was made for it in the North Sea Canal, or in the Manchester Ship Canal, both recently constructed, thus clearly proving that there is no globularity in Earth or Sea, so that the world cannot possibly be a Planet.” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (134)

“If the earth be the globe of popular belief, it is very evident that in cutting a canal, an allowance must be made for the curvature of the globe, which allowance would correspond to the square of the distance multiplied by eight inches. From The Age, of 5th August 1892, I extract the following: ‘The German Emperor performed the ceremony of opening the Gates of the Baltic and North Sea Canal, in the spring of 1891. The canal starts at Holtenau, on the south side of Kiel Bay, and joins the Elbe 15 miles above its mouth. It is 61 miles long, 200 feet wide at the surface and 85 feet at the bottom, the depth being 28 feet. No locks are required, as the surface of the two seas is level.’ Let those who believe it is the practice for surveyors to make allowance for ‘curvature’ ponder over the following from the Manchester Ship Canal Company (Earth Review, October, 1893) ‘It is customary in Railway and Canal constructions for all levels to be referred to a datum which is nominally horizontal and is so shown on all sections. It is not the practice in laying out Public Works to make allowances for the curvature of the earth.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (23)

The London and Northwestern Railway forms a straight line 180 miles long between London and Liverpool. The railroad’s highest point, midway at Birmingham station, is only 240 feet above sea-level. If the world were actually a globe, however, curveting 8 inches per mile squared, the 180 mile stretch of rail would form an arc with the center point at Birmingham raising a full 5,400 feet above London and Liverpool. Adding the station’s actual height (240 feet) to its theoretical inclination (5,400 feet) gives 5,640 feet as the rail’s necessary height on a globe-Earth, more than a thousand feet taller than Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in Great Britain!

“In projecting railways on a globe, the datum line would be the arc of a circle corresponding to the latitude of the place. That the datum line for the railway projections is always a horizontal line, proves that the general configuration of the world is horizontal. To support the globe theory, the gentlemen of the observatories should call upon the surveyor to prove that he allows the necessary amount for ‘curvature.’ But this is what the learned men dare not do, as it is well-known that the allowance for the supposed curvature is never made.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (107)

“In a long line, like that of the Great Pacific Railway, extending across North America, the supposed curvature would, of course, be proportionately great, extending to many miles in height, but not one inch was allowed by the engineers for curvature during the whole course of the construction of that vast line of Railway. And, if we think of it, how could it be otherwise? All Railway metals must, of necessity, be straight, for how could any engine or carriage run with safety on a convex surface?” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (125)

J.C. Bourne in his book, “The History of the Great Western Railway” stated that the entire original English railroad, more than 118 miles long, that the whole line with the exception of the inclined planes, may be regarded practically as level. The British Parliament Session in 1862 that approved its construction recorded in Order No. 44 for the proposed railway, “That the section be drawn to the same HORIZONTAL scale as the plan, and to a vertical scale of not less than one inch to every one hundred feet, and shall show the surface of the ground marked on the plan, the intended level of the proposed work, the height of every embankment, and the depth of every cutting, and a DATUM HORIZONTAL LINE which shall be the same throughout the whole length of the work.”

“One hundred and eighteen miles of LEVEL railway, and yet the surface on which it is projected a globe? Impossible. It cannot be. Early in 1898 I met Mr. Hughes, chief officer of the steamer ‘City of Lincoln.’ This gentleman told me he had projected thousands of miles of level railway in South America, and never heard of any allowance for curvature being made. On one occasion he surveyed over one thousand miles of railway which was a perfect straight line all the way. It is well known that in the Argentine Republic and other parts of South America, there are railways thousands of miles long without curve or gradient. In projecting railways, the world is acknowledged to be a plane, and if it were a globe the rules of projection have yet to be discovered. Level railways prove a level world, to the utter confusion of the globular school of impractical men with high salaries and little brains.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (109)

“That in all surveys no allowance is made for curvature, which would be a necessity on a globe; that a horizontal line is in every case the datum line, the same line being continuous throughout the whole length of the work; and that the theodolite cuts a line at equal altitudes on either side of it, which altitude is the same as that of the instrument, clearly proves, to those who will accept proof when it is furnished, that the world is a plane and not a globe.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (126)


“There is not a single profession, not one, that uses the pagan fiction globe, not one. As a pilot my self I can tell you Aviation has never used the pagan fiction globe, not today, not ever. We don’t even recognize “gravity” because that is also a lie. We use density, that’s how we read altitude is off the density of the air “ Density Altitude “, we synchronize our altimeters before every flight by setting the current barometric pressure at a known altitude (Runway) before every single flight. No where in Aviation will the term “Gravity” ever be used, not once, we only use altitude density. No where in aviation will curvature ever be used or even mentioned. No where in aviation will rotation of earth ever be mentioned or used. There are no calculations for curvature, rotation or gravity in Aviation period, not today, not ever. Nor is the Globe ever used or mentioned in Aviation today or ever. We use flat earth sectional charts for navigation known as Aeronautical sectional charts. The reason you will not find a single training document or any aviation document that mentions the curvature or rotation of earth or gravity or globe is because all of these are pagan fiction lies, no different than Satan claws coming down your chimney with presents for children or the Ishtar bunny laying chocolate eggs for children, these are all satanic lies that target children. Not only does aviation not recognize any of these pagan fiction lies, no profession in the entire enclosed earth uses the globe model, no, not one. It doesn’t matter if your the navigator of a ship, a plane or a train, the globe model is not used, nor is it used in communications or cartography or any real life profession, no not one! The only place you will ever hear the satanic globe model being used is by liars and fools.”


Surveyors, Engineers, Pilots and Sailors Expose the Biblical Earth

50 Scientific Facts for the Downfall of Modern Astronomy (Videobook)

The Ultimate Flat Earth Experiment

The Biblical Earth Conspiracy Documentary

The Earth is NOT Flat

200 Proofs Earth is Not a Spinning Ball

Retired F 16 Pilot Says Earth is Flat In Memory of Bob Knodel

Arctic Blast reveals Flat Earth. Mirror from “Sky Free

Maybe the V-2 is Not For You! – Images of Earth – Flat

A Stranger’s Guide to Flat Earth | 21 Questions and Answers (Proving The Earth Is Flat)

For FAQ check our Biblical Flat FAQ article (it’s a lot more than we want to fill into one section here, there is simply too much evidence)

However, below are some major elements:

There is no curve
There is no curve – Click to Enlarge


Wales, UK to Alps, Ireland – 700 Miles – Click to Enlarge
Wales, UK to Alps, Ireland – 700 Curveless Miles – Click to Enlarge
Biblical Earth – Ireland to the Alps2 – Click to Enlarge
FishEye Lens
The moon ALWAYS takes on the color of the sky behind it proving it to be translucent.
The moon ALWAYS takes on the color of the sky behind it proving it to be translucent.


Perspectives on Stars N v S
Cold Light
Irreconcilable Lies
Moon Phases & Reflections of Light
Gleason’s Map is Semi Accurate 2d Globe
Lunar Eclipses – While Sun IS STILL UP!
Un-credible Scientism




Are you Believing a Lie?

Flat Earth Clues: Under the Dome: They Are Hiding God


Rob Skiba Proves Chicago Skyline is Not Mirage

A zetetic investigation


There is NO Curve

CurvatureWordProblem – Click to Enlarge

Our Planet is Younger than 10,000 Years

Young Earth Dating

Young Earth Dating – Click to Enlarge


Our Planet is Younger than 10,000 Years

Hidden History: Carbon Dating Is A Lie

Scientists Know The Earth’s True Age – Polonium 210 Radio Halos Vs. Government Scientists


The Firmament – Space is a Lie

Skydome: The Firmly Solid Firmament

Oh look – is that the Firmament? Let’s nuke it.

Space: International Space Station – Fake

Antarctica – The “Outer Space” Beyond the Ice Wall Surrounding Our World

NASA – The Actor’s Guild of The Freemason Forked Tongue

History of Fake Space | Outer Space Does Not Exist

NASA insider explains how deep the space hoax goes and how they maintain their manipulation

Did It Really Happen? A Deeper Look Into The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

Space is Fake


Hollow Earth

Search Term Hollow Earth

This Segment Under Construction – Browse website for keywords Agartha, Hollow, Sheol, etc.


Flat Earth: Is Antarctica the Key to Flat Earth?






More coming – Under Construction

The Agenda

The Agenda:

To answer the big questions of “WHY? If we really are on a flat earth, why the deception? What is the motive to lie to us about all of this?” To me, the motivation is quite clear:

  1. First get people to doubt YHWH’s Word by destroying the very foundation of our Bible: Genesis – specifically the Creation account.
  2. Set up a new paradigm, where God is out and “science” is in. Evolution removes YHWH (God) from the equation.
  3. When evolution finally runs its course and becomes utterly bankrupt, introduce the idea of “Intelligent Design” but deny the True Designer His due credit and place it rather on “Ancient Aliens.” (Panspermia)
  4. Promote the Ancient Alien theme as much as possible in all forms of media by perpetuating the concept of Earth as a tiny “blue marble” orbiting an average sun in an average galaxy among trillions of other galaxies in an ever expanding Universe. A cannon ball followed by a shotgun blast shooting out into empty void with water clinging to it. With so much “potential for life to exist” in such a vast expanse, the idea of alien scientists being our creators seems a lot more plausible over time and heavy indoctrination. 
  5. The stage is set for our “alien creators” to return and bestow upon us their “miracles, signs and wonders” in order to convince us all the more that all religions are false. We then put our trust in them. Finally, when Christ does return, we are all convinced that He is the enemy and our united world gathers together to make war with Him.” ~Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 2- Examining An Ancient Motive
  6. Infiltrate & destroy Christianity from within, perverting doctrine & setting Christians up for ultimate destruction in fulfillment of the Genesis 3:15 Seed War.
  7. Rebuild Nimrod‘s post-flood Sumerian One World Government (Pre Tower of Babel), and One World Religion.
  8. Resurrect and recrown Nimrod as King of the New World Order.


“Apollo’s mythos traces back through various sun gods in multiple cultures, all leading back to the “man of many names” known in the Bible as Nimrod. His goal, according to the Scriptures was as follows…

Genesis 11:4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.”

~Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 2- Examining An Ancient Motive


Could all of these ideas of an ever expanding Universe, complete with trillions of galaxies, each containing trillions of stars, with countless planets, potentially capable of sustaining intelligent lifeforms… all be part of a deception designed to get us to establish the creation of specific types of “space-based weapons” designed to wage war against a very specific, coming “extra-terrestrial” Being – such as the One Who will soon “invade” this world on a white horse?

Revelation 19:19 And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat on the horse, and against his army.

~Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 2- Examining An Ancient Motive


SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences


Why The Elite Hide Biblical Earth – Science v God: God Wins (w/ Science)

NASA – The Actor’s Guild of The Freemason Forked Tongue

CIA, Russia, NASA, US Army Docs: Motionless Flat Earth

Gearing Up For Apollo: Part1: Architects of a Spherical World

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 2: Examining An Ancient Motive

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 3: A Time of Great Change… And The Death of God

Gearing Up For Apollo: Part 4: The Beast Goes South – You can begin exploring those topics with our MAP – especially the Antarctica section

Gearing Up For Apollo: Part 5: The Rulers of Darkness – Freemason Satanism

Herme’s Emerald Tablets Source of Debunked Heliocentric Gravity Theory – Newton Was An Occultist

Heliosorcery – The Papacy Contrived Globe Earth To Debunk The Bible

Heliosorcery – Rome Weaponized Fake Science To Debunk God’s Word

Heliosorcery (2022) – Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism (Full Documentary)


Note: The FakeNews Bible Douay–Rheims, commissioned by the Catholic Roman Church, tried to destroy the Protestant Reformation and Gods Word by  pushing Globe Earth in the Bible itself! In Proverbs 8:26 they added POLES OF THE WORLD!

Governments are in on it through the Antarctic Treaty…

President Ronald Raegan’s Biblical Earth Map

Flat Earth AGENDA



Actual Shape of Earth (Based on Available Evidence and Scripture)


Biblical Earth Facts
Biblical Earth Facts – Click to Enlarge


The Freemasons Know – Rulers of Darkness

USGS Map (Semi Accurate 2d Globe) / UN Logo (Hidden In “Plane” Sight)




Enoch’s Domed World

Gleasons Map is 3d Projection – Still Not Quite Right. – Click to Enlarge


Others are coming to the same conclusion: Biblical Earth is real!

It started in kindergarten when they put a globe in front of us and said that’s where you live. Then they showed us a picture of Columbus sailing over the edge and everyone laughed at the how ridiculousness that was. Hollywood, science class and NASA helped continue the psy-op.

They programmed us this way so that when someone legitimately questions the shape of the earth we dismiss them are crazy flat earthers. “Education” and cognitive dissonance take over from there.

The Bible, gyroscopes, airplanes, whales, radar, sonar, rail guns, lighthouses, the Bedford levels experiment, lasers, P900 cameras, long distance thermal imaging, math and observations and many other things all prove the earth is not a ball.

Dear friend, question EVERYTHING the wicked world tells you. Do not be deceived by the machinations of the Satan (The Adversary)

As Rob Skiba, a true follower of Yeshuah and speaker of truth said before me:

“I came up with a new title for myself, “A fool for Christ’s sake”. I’ll be a fool for truth’s sake. As Isaiah says, truth is fallen in the street. I won’t pass it by, I’ll pick it up and embrace it regardless of the costs.”

To access our extensive video library archive on this topic and other Hidden History of Mankind secrets – check out our occult (it means, Censored or Hidden) Channel: His Story


A sample of select videos are below:

Questions for Skeptics (Original Here)

Explain this:

1. Go on Google images and pull up “photos” of the earth… ALL without exception are CGI or paintings!!! Many images are clearly Photoshopped:

Why??? Don’t you think Hubble would have taken at least ONE photo since it was put up (of course Hubble does not exist… all Hubble “photos” are also all CGI !!! )

2- Also not one of the 25’000 satellites are ever seen in any earth “photos”!!!!

3. if Earth is spinning 1000miles/hr around itself, 67’000 miles/hr around the sun and our whole galaxy traveling 670’000miles/ hr around the milky way galaxy, the night sky would be constantly changing ! The stars should be moving in all directions, forever changing as we hurl through space… and yet… we see the same stars every night since the beginning of time rotating in perfect circles around the north star… as they ALWAYS have!!!!


4. If the earth were round, using the mathematical equation to calculate curvature…not only would anything 40 miles away be over 800ft below the horizon, but IF we could see it, it would be seen tilting away from us.


5- If the “planet earth” was larger than they are telling us as you suggest, it would not change physics. Did you realize that absolutely no correction for curvature exists for road or train track construction?




SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences


Biblical Earth Topics:

Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat & Domed

Antarctic Coverup – The “Outer Space” Beyond the Ice Wall Surrounding Our Biblical World

Debunking Flat Earth 101 (full version)

Debunking Flat Earth 101 (Short Version)

Cool! Check out at what Blue Origin’s Shepard Flight proved!

World Upside Down (Biblical EARTH Documentary 2022)

Biblical Earth Cosmology – FAQ

Skydome: The Firmly Solid Firmament

NASA – The Actor’s Guild of The Freemason Forked Tongue

Enoch, Nimrod, Admiral Byrd, Flat Earth and a Most Peculiar Timeline

Secret Space Program Disclosure and the Vril Society – ROBERT SEPEHR

Flat Earth Clues – Directors Cut – Mark Sargent – Under the Dome – They are hiding GOD

NASA’s Inconvenient Truth: It’s NOT Too Big a Conspiracy!

Biblical Earth Song

Hidden History: They are Hiding God, the Firmament, & The Seed War (/w Guest Mark Sargent)

Zetetic astronomy. Earth not a globe! an experimental inquiry into the true figure of the earth

One hundred proofs that the earth is not a globe

Terra firma : the earth not a planet, proved from scripture, reason and fact

The History of Flat Biblical Earth – Synopsis

History Of A Lost Biblical Earth

CIA, Russia, NASA, US Army Docs: Motionless Flat Earth (Rob Skiba)

Astrology Proves Earth Is Stationary and the Center Of Creation: Astro Tulum Event

Biblical Earth – The Atlantis Survivors Conspiracy – Part 2

Debunking # 1 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (SHORT VERSION)

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Debunking # 3 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 4 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is a Globe + A CHALLENGE

Debunking # 5 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 6 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 7 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 8 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 9 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Debunking # 10 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

Enoch’s Domed World

Enoch’s Pillar Supported Dome World and the Bible

The Bible and the Still Flat Earth

Has an Ancient AE Circular Flat Earth Map Just Been Discovered?

Enoch, the Bible, Flat Earth and Captain Kirk

TFR – 27 – Revolutionary Radio Project with Mark Sargent: Enclosed Earth Theory

How Pythagoras and Eratosthenes gave us THE Flat Earth trump card

The Genesis Revelation: Part 1 – The Biblical Flat Earth?

Is the spinning globe model the “Strong Delusion” of Scripture?

Search: Biblical Earth

Rob Skiba proves the Chicago skyline (as seen from the other side) is NOT a mirage

William Ramsey Investigates Flat Earth w David Weiss (Debate w/ Skeptic)

Sacred Word Revealed 2020 Conference – The Firmament with Rob Skiba

The indisputable Biblical case for a Flat Earth cosmology

Debunking the “Top 10 Reasons We Know the Earth is a Globe” (Condensed)


Are You Believing A Lie?

Biblical Earth Song

Operation Fishbowl of the Lord (Dominic+Fishbowl) – 1962

The Genesis Revelation: Nephilim, Nimrod, NASA, Flat Earth and more

Nimrod, the Tower (it WAS about height), the Beast, Antarctica and Flat Earth

The Flat Earth Society is Controlled Opposition

Jesuits Erasing our Biblical Earth – Documentary


FREEMASON PRISON: Hollywood, Music, Sports, Space, War, Politics

Did It Really Happen? A Deeper Look Into The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.

Antarctica – The “Outer Space” Beyond the Ice Wall Surrounding Our World

Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat, Hollow & Domed

Level With Me



Debate Callouts – William Finck of which teaches Globe Earth Docrine.

William Finck Christogenea Debate Challenge