Debunking # 3 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is Round (as in a globe)

I’m going to debunk each of the so-called “Top Ten Reasons Why We Know The Earth is Round.” It’s actually quite easy. Here’s to debunking number 3: The Horizon. Yes, this is a long one. There is much to consider with this one. I have no doubt that this will not sway any hardcore believers in the globe. They’ll have a “yeah butt” for every point made. This is more for those who are searching, questioning and looking at the world around them with perhaps a more critical eye than they have before. This video covers issues of “atmospheric lensing” and ships/cities allegedly disappearing from the bottom up. It deals with the lack of curvature and issues if there were curvature. It deals with flying “straight and level” over a ball and the attitude indicator instrument on aircraft and more.

In case you missed it:

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