Debunking # 4 of the “Top Ten Reasons Why We (allegedly) Know the Earth is a Globe + A CHALLENGE

I’m going to debunk each of the so-called “Top Ten Reasons Why We Know The Earth is Round.” It’s actually quite easy. Here’s to debunking number 4: Magellan – Circumnavigation. Again… wow. Really? Circumnavigation on a circle works exactly the same way as it does on a ball.

Beyond that, contrary to what some have claimed, no one has truly circumnavigated the globe north to south and back to north in a way that would be required in order to prove the Earth is a globe. So, this is a re-upload of this video, now including additional information and a challenge to ball Earthers at the end.

In case you missed it:

Dr Masaru Emoto Hado Water Crystals Documentary 2017

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