Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Exposes Satanism Pedophilia & Murder Rituals in 1997

Ironic That This Was Presented On the “Prophecy Club”, Considering How Much That Was Spoken of Here In 1997 Has Come to Its ‘Fruition’ Today. I’m Sure Some of The Audiences Were a Little Disbelieving at That Time. Ted Gunderson Was Born in Colorado Springs. He graduated from The University of Nebraska in 1950. Gunderson Entered the Federal Bureau of Investigation in December 1951, He Held Posts as Assistant Special Agent-In-Charge in New Haven and Philadelphia, As Chief Inspector, And Special Agent-In-Charge of The Memphis and Dallas Offices. Ted Gunderson Played a Formidable Role in The Exposure of The Satanic/Sexual Cover-Up in The McMartin Preschool Case (Manhattan Beach, California) Which Had Involved Over 450 Children in the 3–5-Year-Old Range Throughout Years.

Source: Just a Dude


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