God’s Holy Name is YHWH, Not “The Lord” – A Slave’s Title for Baal

God’s Holy Name is YHWH, Not “The Lord” – A Slave’s Title for Baal

“Satan had already caused the pagans of all western Asia to worship him, under the name of Lord. Usually this was the Hebrew word Baal, meaning master or lord. You know how many times in the Bible you find references to the pagan worship of Baal. If the hook nosed priests had told the people to say Baal wherever they read Yahweh, the fraud would have been too transparent. The people would have realized they were being led into idolatry and devil worship, they would not have accepted it. But the Hebrew language has another word for master or lord, aw-done and derived from it is ad-o-nay, meaning my lord.

The corrupt priests could not have misled the people into saying Baal where they read Yahweh, but

they reached the same result when they told the people that the name of God was so sacred that it must never be uttered and instead the people should say my lord, Adonay. The people did not notice that this was really just another way of saying Baal, so this custom was adopted.

Actually, the ancient Hebrew language was written in a different alphabet than that which we know today, the old Hebrew alphabet is often called Phoenician. Upon the return from Babylon, they brought with them a new form of writing, using the same letters, which are used today to write the Hebrew language. This second form of Hebrew was written, like some of the present day shorthand systems, using only the consonant letters. Thus, for Los Angeles, you would only write L-S-N-G-L- S, and these consonant letters were written on the line and from right to left. Eventually, they had to develop vowel letters also, because consonants alone sometimes caused difficulty. For example, if you write only b-t, do you mean bat, bet, beat, bit, boat, or but? There was no room to insert the vowel letters on the line so, when the use of vowels began, they were written beneath the line. This was a handy devise for the new tradition that you should never say Yahweh, but always substitute for it Adonay. The name Yahweh was written using the Hebrew letters, which correspond to our English letters Y-H-V-H. The corrupt Canaanite Jew priests caused the vowel letters of the word Adonay to be written under the line wherever Yahweh was written on the line, not to produce an altered form of Yahweh, but a reminder to whoever read the manuscript aloud to say Adonay instead of Yahweh.”

~Complete Works of Bertrand Comparet

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1.) Yahweh would not leave us without any witness for over 2000 years: “By the mouth of two or three witnesses every word shall be established.” (Deu 19:15; Mat 18:16; 2Co 13:1)

2.) Every grammatical rule of Biblical Hebrew points toward Yahweh as the correct pronunciation.

3.) Every historical written and oral witness points toward Yahweh as the correct pronunciation.

Corruptions - Lord
Corruptions – Lord

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