Hybrids: Ancient Transhumanism Nephs, Satan & Demons

NephS (short for Nephilim): This one hour presentation by Trey Smith
takes a hard-look at Nephilim, Human Hybrids, Alien Hybrids, UFOs and the Occult, as well as the Origin of Satan / Demons.

The CIA has some nasty tools at it’s disposal for espionage, regime installation, and assassinating political opponents. This is the infamous CIA Heart Attack Gun. A Silent Electric Pistol that shoots poison darts – some of which are barely noticeable – up to 100m.

In case you missed it:

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Antarctic Giants 2: Antonio Pigafetta’s Full Account, Chronicler Of Magellan’s Voyage In 1519

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The Hidden History of Man & The Mystery Babylon Religion of The Deep State.