The Bible and the Biblical Earth – The Indisputable Biblical Case For A Flat Earth Cosmology

In this broadcast, Rob Skiba picks up where he left off with the reading of his blog concerning the Flat Earth Controversy. This time his focus was on looking at what the Bible has to say about the whole thing.

“Here is a clip from a longer video I’m working on, which will detail my “Quest4Truth” regarding what the Bible has to say concerning the whole Flat Earth issue. Like it or not, believe it or not, accept it or not… from Genesis to Revelation the Bible absolutely IS a Flat Earth book. This is confirmed by a simple unbiased reading of the Scriptures… as well as by a doctor (who is a Semitic language expert and a Ancient Near East scholar for Logos Bible Software)… and of course, the village idiot.”


SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences


In case you missed it:

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