The History of the Federal Reserve

Anyone seeking to prove the existence of conspiracies in America needs look no further than the origin of our present central bank. Here is a well documented conspiracy involving the very names tied to modern secret societies. They called it the Federal Reserve, but it is neither federal nor a reserve. It is about as federal as Federal Express, and as much a reserve as American Indian reservations.


The Jewish Federal Reserve Act 1913
The Jewish Federal Reserve Act 1913 – Click to Enlarge


Federal Reserve - Gold Confiscation From The Goy
Federal Reserve – Gold Confiscation From The Goy – Click to Enlarge

There is No Law Requiring Income Tax

Jackson on the Bank
Jackson on the Bank – Click to Enlarge


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SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences

Who Are The “Banksters” Exactly?

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Forced Government Indoctrination Camps

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