The Katyn Forest Massacre | Dr. William Luther Pierce

In this exposé by Dr. William Luther Pierce, the truth behind the Katyn Forest Massacre during World War II is revealed. The massacre, which occurred in 1940, involved the murder of thousands of Polish military officers and intellectuals by the Soviet secret police.

Despite the efforts of the German forces to expose these atrocities, the Jewish-controlled mass media in the United States and Western Europe largely ignored or downplayed the Soviet role in the massacre. The video delves into the historical context of the invasion of Poland, Hitler’s efforts to eliminate Jewish influence in Germany, and the eventual discovery of the mass graves in the Katyn Forest. It aims to challenge the prevailing narratives about the war and expose the truth about the Katyn Forest Massacre and the Soviet Union’s culpability.

Dr. Pierce delves into the history of Poland’s invasion by both Germany and the Soviet Union in September 1939. While Germany aimed to regain the territories it had lost after the First World War, the Soviet Union sought control over eastern Poland. As a result, both countries divided Poland between them, with Britain and France declaring war on Germany but not on the Soviet Union.

The video exposes the anti-German propaganda spread by the Jewish-controlled media in the United States and Western Europe, while the Soviet occupation and annexation of eastern Poland were overlooked. This anti-German and pro-Soviet bias stemmed from the Jews’ prominent positions in the Soviet Union as communist party leaders and their hatred for Hitler, who had worked to remove Jewish influence from Germany.

In June 1941, Hitler launched a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union, leading to German forces discovering the Katyn Forest Massacre site in February 1943. The Germans found thousands of corpses with their hands bound and bullet holes in their skulls. International Red Cross representatives and allied prisoners of war were allowed to examine the exhumed bodies, confirming that they were Polish leaders who had been imprisoned at the Starobelsk concentration camp.

The video serves as a powerful reminder of the atrocities committed during World War II and the importance of uncovering the truth behind historical events.

Release Date: 2015?


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