The Sin War: Culture War – Divide & Conquer

The Sin War: Culture War – Divide & Conquer

Disney’s Activism Partner Tells LGBTQ Employees That DeSantis and Republicans Want to Kidnap Gay People’s Children

DC School Makes Masked Kindergarten Students March With BLM Signs While Chanting Black Lives Matter

An Absurd Look At The Marxist, Ultra-Woke “Education” System In 2021

Marxists Seek To Destabilize American Society Through Sexualization Of Young People: Expert

The War For Young Minds

Hollyweird – The Capital of the Sin War


Factually Arabic, Morally White
Factually Arabic, Morally White

Biden Official Secretly Scattering Criminal Migrants Across America ‘Beautiful to Watch’

The Economist Publishes Bizarre Story Bemoaning Lack Of ‘Diversity’ In Italian Squad

Texas Judge Finds Biden Admin Engaged In Racial, Gender Discrimination In Pandemic Relief Program

Dozens of School Districts are Using Book that Claims ‘Whiteness’ is the Devil and That White Children Sell Their Soul for “Stolen Land and Stolen Riches”

Teacher Made White Elementary School Children Apologize To Black Kids For Their Skin Color

Wicked ADL Pushes Hate in Classrooms — Program on Diversity that Is Taught to 1.4 Million US Kids Includes Language that Only Whites Can Be Racist

Anti-Semitism is Deflection

Netanyahu, Israeli PM
Netanyahu, Israeli PM












Cultural Loxism – Culture Genocide

White Genocide and Hatred

Biden’s CDC Director Officially Declares Racism a ‘Serious Public Health Threat’

“You’re The F**king Nuts” – Bill Maher Blasts New York’s “Insane” Woke School System

WHISTLEBLOWER: Coca-Cola Forces Employees to Complete Online Training Telling Them to “Try to be Less White”

What FBI Stats Really Reveal About Asian Hate Crimes

United Methodist Church Promotes Hateful Propaganda Alleging Trump Supporters are KKK, Confederate-Supporting Racists

Texas Elementary School Segregates Children By Hair Color as Part of a Disturbing “AntiRacism” Experiment – Dark-Haired Kids Praised – Fair-Haired Kids Harassed, Told They’re “Not as Intelligent”

Sounds Racist: McDonald’s Will Punish Executives if They Hire Too Many White Men

Sesame Street Pushing ‘Racial Justice’ for Toddlers in ‘ABCs of Racial Literacy’ Segments

North Carolina School District Launches Campaign to ‘Disrupt White Culture,’ Urges Teachers to Subvert White Parents and Families

“Root” writer advocates white genocide following Atlanta shootings: How we got here

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Approves Plan to Promote Hate-Based Critical Race Theory in All 50 States and 14,000 School Districts

Leaked Documents From Iowa School System Show Teachers Are Forced to Classify “Make America Great Again” as a Type of “Racism” and “White Supremacy”

Coptic Christians Kicked and Beaten in Italy by Muslim Mob for Smoking During Ramadan

‘Doesn’t Fit the Narrative’: Analysis Confirms Mainstream News Outlets BURY the Race of Murderers if They Are Black – Race is 7X More Likely to be Mentioned if they are White



Feminism Kills
Feminism Kills – Click to Enlarge

Feminism is Divide & Conquer

Andrew Tate Reality Checks Women on Careers Over Kids



Controlled Opposition 101: How To Spot Fake MAGA (Israel Firsters)





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