The Unholy Third Temple To Be Built

The Unholy Third Temple To Be Built

The Throne of the occultist and satanist Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem will be the biggest mistake the satanists ever tried to impose on the population of the World, and especially upon the Israelites. Sanhedrin ask Putin and Trump to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, the Temple Jesus promised there shouldn’t be stone upon stone upon ( Matthew 24:2 ), since the Builders didn’t use the correct cornerstone ( Acts 4:10-12 , Psalm 118:22 , Jeremiah 51:26 ), but instead idolize Tubal Cain, Nimrod and the occultist King Solomon.

Today, many of the preparations for the Third Temple have already been completed, including the sacred worship vessels and priestly garments to be worn by the Levites in Temple services.

As well, over 500 young Jewish men, descended from the tribe of Levi, have been trained as Temple Priests to fulfill their duties of worship and sacrifice in the Temple.
Temple-Holy City-Jerusalem

A depiction of the Temple in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

But the Temple service can’t begin without the parah adumah (red heifer).


From Texas to Israel: Red heifers needed for Temple arrive

Imposter Exoteric Temple

The Holy Temple Is Us
The Holy Temple Is Us.

Game Over – The End Times Mapping Project


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