What Happens When You Die According To God

What Happens When You Die According To God

 “He answered and said, This is the meaning of the contest which every man who is born on earth shall wage,

That if he is defeated he shall suffer what you have said, but if he is victorious he shall receive what I have said.”

~EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:127-128




The State Of The Departed Before The Judgment Day

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:75 I answered and said, “If I have found favor in your sight, my master, show this also to your servant: whether after death, as soon as every one of us yields up his soul, we shall be kept in rest until those times come when you will renew the creation, or whether we shall be tormented at once?”


Seven Ways Of Those That Scorned The Ways Of YAHWEH

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:76 He answered me and said, “I will show you that also, but do not be associated with those who have shown scorn, nor number yourself among those who are tormented.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:77 For you have a treasure of works laid up with the Most High YAHWEH; but it will not be shown to you until the last time.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:78 Now, concerning death, the teaching is: When the decisive decree has gone forth from the Most High YAHWEH that a man shall die, as the ruach leaves the body to return again to HIM who gave it, first of all it adores the splendor of the Most High YAHWEH.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:79 And if it is one of those who have shown scorn and have not kept the way of the Most High YAHWEH, and who have despised HIS Torah, and who have hated those who fear YAHWEH,

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:80 Such ruachim shall not enter into habitations, but shall immediately wander about in torments, ever grieving and sad, in seven ways.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:81 The first way, because they have scorned the Torah of the Most High.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:82 The second way, because they cannot now make a tov repentance that they may live.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:83 The third way, they shall see the reward laid up for those who have trusted the Covenants of the Most High YAHWEH.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:84 The fourth way, they shall consider the torment laid up for themselves in the last day.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:85 The fifth way, they shall see how the habitations of the others are guarded by malakim in profound quiet.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:86 The sixth way, they shall see how some of them will pass over into torments.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:87 The seventh way, which is worse than all the ways that have been mentioned, because they shall utterly waste away in confusion and be consumed with shame, and shall wither with fear at seeing the splendor of the Most High YAHWEH before whom they sinned while they were alive, and before whom they are to be judged in the last time.


The Seven Orders Of Those That Kept The Ways Of YAHWEH

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:88 Now this is the order of those who have kept the ways of the Most High YAHWEH, when they shall be separated from their corruptible body.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:89 During the time that they decayed in it, they laboriously served the Most High, and withstood danger every hour, that they might keep the Torah of the Torah-giver perfectly.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:90 Therefore this is the teaching concerning them:

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:91 First of all, they shall see with great joy the splendor of HIM who receives them, for they shall have rest in seven orders.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:92 The first order, because they have striven with great effort to overcome evil which was formed with them, that it might not lead them astray from life into death.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:93 The second order, because they see the perplexity in which the souls of the checedless wander, and the punishment that waits them.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:94 The third order, they see the witness which HE who formed them bears concerning them, that while they were alive they kept the Torah which was given them in trust.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:95 The fourth order, they understand the rest which they now enjoy, being gathered into their chambers and guarded by malakim in profound quiet, and the splendor which awaits them in the last day.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:96 The fifth order, they rejoice that they have now escaped what is mortal, and shall inherit what is to come; and besides they see the straits and the fullness of toil from which they have been delivered, and the spacious liberty which they are to receive and enjoy in immortality.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:97 The sixth order, when it is shown to them how their face is to shine like the sun, and how they are to be made like the light of the stars, being incorruptible from then on.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:98 The seventh order, which is greater than all that have been mentioned, because they shall rejoice with boldness, and shall be confident without confusion, and shall be glad without fear, for they hasten to behold the face of HIM whom they served in life and from whom they are to receive their reward when magnified.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:99 This is the order of the souls of the righteous, as henceforth is announced, and the aforesaid are the ways of torment which those who would not give heed shall suffer hereafter.”

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:100 I answered and said, Will time therefore be given to the souls after they have been separated from the bodies, to see what you have described to me?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:101 He said to me, They shall have freedom for seven days, so that during these seven days they may see the things of which you have been told, and afterward they shall be gathered in their habitations. • Dan 12:3; Mt 13:43; Mt 5:8; Rev 22:4; 1Cor 3:14; Rev 22:12.


May The Righteous Intercede For The Checedless?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:102 I answered and said, If I have found favor in your sight, show further to me, YOUR servant, whether on The Day Of Judgment the righteous will be able to intercede for the checedless or to entreat the Most High YAHWEH for them,

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:103 Fathers for sons or sons for parents, brothers for brothers, relatives for their kinsmen, or friends for those who are most dear.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:104 He answered me and said, Since you have found favor in MY sight, I will show you this also. The Day of Judgment is decisive and displays to all The Seal Of Truth. Just as now a father does not send his son, or a son his father, or a master his servant, or a friend his dearest friend, to be ill or sleep or eat or be healed in his stead,

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:105 So no one shall be able to pray for another on that day, neither shall anyone lay a burden on another; for then everyone shall bear his own righteousness or unrighteousness.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:106 I answered and said, How then do we find that first Abraham prayed for the people of Sodom, and Moses for our fathers who sinned in the desert, • Gen 18:23

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:107 And Yahshua Ben Nun after him for Yisrael in the days of Achan, • Ex 32:11

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:108 And Samuel in the days of Saul, and David for the plague: and Solomon for those in the sanctuary,

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:109 And Eliyah for those who received the rain, and for the one who was dead, that he might live

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:110 And Hezekiah for the people in the days of Sennacherib, and many others prayed for many? • 2Kgs 19:15-19

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:111 Therefore the righteous have prayed for the checedless now, when corruption has increased and unrighteousness has multiplied, why will it not be so then as well?”

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:112 He answered me and said, “This present world is not the end; the full splendor does not abide in it; therefore those who were strong prayed for the weak.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:113 But The Day Of Judgment will be the end of this age and the beginning of the immortal age to come, in which corruption has passed away,

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:114 Sinful indulgence has come to an end, unbelief has been cut off, and righteousness has increased and Truth has appeared.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:115 Therefore no one will then be able to have mercy on him who has been condemned in The Day Of Judgment, or to overwhelm him to harm him who is victorious.”


Lamentation Over The Fate Of The Mass Of Humanity

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:116 I answered and said, “This is my first and last word: It would have been better if the earth had not produced Adam, or else, when it had produced him, had restrained him from sinning.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:117 For what tov is it to all that they live in sorrow now and expect punishment after death?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:118 Oh Adam, what have you done? For though it was you who sinned, the fall was not yours alone, but ours also who are your descendants.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:119 For what tov is it to us, if an eternal age has been promised to us, but we have done deeds that bring death?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:120 And what tov is it that an everlasting hope has been promised us, but we have miserably failed?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:121 Or that safe and healthful habitations have been reserved for us, but we have lived wickedly?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:122 Or that the splendor of the Most High YAHWEH will defend those who have led a pure life, but we have walked in the most wicked ways?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:123 Or that a paradise shall be revealed, whose fruit remains unspoiled and in which are abundance and healing, but we shall not enter into it,

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:124 because we have lived in unseemly places?

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:125 Or that the faces of those who practiced self-control shall shine more than the stars but our faces shall be blacker than darkness? • Dan 12:3

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:126 For while we lived and committed iniquity we did not consider what we should suffer after death.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:127 He answered and said, This is the meaning of the contest which every man who is born on earth shall wage,

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:128 That if he is defeated he shall suffer what you have said, but if he is victorious he shall receive what I have said.”

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:129 For this is the way of which Mosheh, while he was alive, spoke to the people, saying, Choose for yourself life, that you may live!

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:130 But they did not believe him, nor the prophets after him, or even myself who have spoken to them.

EZRA -4- ESDRAS 7:131 Therefore there shall not be grief at their damnation, and so much joy over those to whom Deliverance is assured.


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