Why The King James “Authorized” Bible (And other Modern Bibles) Are Less Accurate Than Ancient Bibles.


“From the Second Vatican Council to today this deep church has managed to make the faithful swallow a new religion, while at the same time making them believe that they are still Catholics.”

– Archbishop Carlo Vigano (https://www.oann.com/interview-with-archbishop-carlo-maria-vigano/)

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While many believe the King James Bible is the best of what we have to work with today, it’s far from perfect. In fact, I would argue there are no popular modern Bibles that accurately portray the ancient scriptures that are what I would call authentic and untampered with.

Imagine if a book lost a page every year for 1000 years, however –  they made new model editions after each of those years. Now, when you’re seeking to understand the writers words, would you look for a modern edition, or the most ancient one you could find?  Would you trust the most recent, or the most ancient?

Ironically, many of the Apocrypha (which means, hidden) were originally included in the 1611 King James Bible

1611 King James Bible W/ Apocrypha
1611 King James Bible W/ Apocrypha – Click to Enlarge

This is a microcosm example of what has happened through bad translation, bad transliteration, and bad people adding to, changing, or taking away from the original writers meanings. Often abusing proper grammatical understanding or translation practices to do so.

Here’s some examples:

NIV Deleted Yeshuah's Purpose
NIV Deleted Yeshuah’s Purpose

While I realize the following is hotly contested, I do believe that Francis Bacon had a hand in the King James Authorized Version – However, it’s also a moot point, because King James himself was a Freemason!

Mason Inspired Bible?
Mason Inspired Bible?

One need not look very far for evidence.

King James the Freemason
King James the Freemason

The English Freemasonic KJV Bible was issued after centuries of heresy charges followed by a death sentence – generally being burned at the stake after cruel torture – for anyone caught translating the Bible or carrying a translated copy. The Church had total monopoly over who could read, translate, or interpret the words of – the scriptures of God meant for all mankind.

The Dark Ages, and the Story of the Catholic Church – is one of persecution and murder of true Christians who read the scriptures for themselves and went around the monopolistic and parasitic pagan church of Rome.

So what prompted the change?

Tyndale, and the Printing Press and the Martyrdom of the Pilgrim Church throughout the centuries of persecution. Eventually the persecution and killing of Christians only made Christianity grow more, so they shifted tactics to manipulation and infiltration of doctrine.

At this point, I consider God’s scriptures sacred, But every Bible version after the Tyndale’s English Translation to be Freemason approved. If there’s one thing I know Governments NEVER approve the truth. And they run the governments.

The guy who brought you the pre KJV “authorized” version was Tyndale. And he was burnt at the stake by the Church for sharing the Bible to English speakers. And most of his Bibles were burnt, too!

In fact, it spread to English throughout the speaking world so fast that the KJV seemed reactionary – to come out with an “official truth.” (Like Facebooks Fact Checkers today)

A Tribute to Tyndale 0
A Tribute to Tyndale 0 – Click to Enlarge


A Tribute to Tyndale 1
A Tribute to Tyndale 1 – Click to Enlarge


A Tribute to Tyndale 2
A Tribute to Tyndale 2 – Click to Enlarge


A Tribute to Tyndale 3
A Tribute to Tyndale 3 – Click to Enlarge

And the extent of Freemason influence over human history cannot be understated. A dark hand has guided human history towards deceiving the world and hiding, or perverting, God’s scripture.

Man Made Religions
Man Made Religions

God preserved HIS SCRIPTURES for us. They are still there for us to read on the tablets, and scrolls. Since we don’t have access to them, we go back as far as we can and read as much about them as we can to understand them.

The “Canon” is the government approved and “authorized” version (mans version) of Gods Scriptures

That’s why so many Apocrypha were taken out against the beliefs of many ancient Christians, this was a theological point of major contention in ancient times.

The Sons of Seth theory and removing Enoch from the “scriptural status” of Canon were political actions. Early Church father, Tertullian, specifically said that because Jewish scholars were not comfortable with it. Specifically early Jews were not comfortable with 1Enoch making prophecies about the savior.

Modern Judaism still skips Isaiah 53 and go directly to 54. They took it out for talking about the savior early Jewish Pharisees rejected and murdered in ancient past, Yeshuah.

So rather than say something that may offend people about specific versions of the Bible (a mentor once told me that sometimes the price of clarity is the risk of offense.)

Let me, instead, ask a question…

Which of mans many Bibles do you trust more than the original scriptures themselves?

As a former defender of The King James Authorized Edition of the Bible, the lesson here I think we can all take from this is BE CAREFUL WHO WE TRUST and in this case specifically be careful letting known liars tell us Truth. The Freemasons are Satanists. 

The Bible is 99% of the truth, watered down throughout time and history numerous times with mans doctrines and dogma projected on it. The 1% was kept back entirely, or altered.

And the result? We’ve abandoned keeping Gods Torah (law) over Bad doctrinal interpretations of John.

We’ve come up with pre tribulation rapture theory and dispensationalism (in fairly recent history.)

Many Christians today engage in Pagan Rituals and don’t even realize it.

This is the truth as I understand it – I am still a student and will remain so. My purpose has always been to seek and share truth. To prevent the pain and suffering,  and save what can be saved. 

And since the various Bibles disagree – they cannot all be the infallible and perfect word of God (as I believe scripture to be.)

The solution to this paradox is simple! Trace the etymology, translations, transliterations, and context back to sources. The “roots” if you will.

I have numerous KJV Bibles including a beautiful Great Master Edition, a Septuaguint (the original Greek translation of the old testament that was popular in the time of Yeshuah, carefully translated for the Library of Alexandria – but doesn’t include new testament mostly. Still very useful. It could more accurately be called the Alexandrian Bible.


Changes to God’s Word

“I see a big problem: Our English Bible translators (yes, even in the KJV) took some liberties with the text. Because of this, many do err greatly in their understanding of Hebrews 8:7-13 in particular – I know because I certainly did myself. But don’t believe me. Rather check the Greek (and your KJV or NASB, which were both kind enough to show you additions that did not exist in the text) for yourself. In both verses 7 and 13 for instance (especially 13), the word “covenant” was added where it should not be, thus making it sound like the “old covenant” has been done away with.

Such tampering is – in my opinion – far too common for comfort. Take for instance the issue of the “first day of the week” as it pertains to changing the Sabbath (sabbaton) to Sunday, when the Greek text does not at all support such a view: https://www.facebook.com/notes/rob-skiba/satan-sabotaging-the-sabbat%C5%8Dn/10152265562352506

As we’ve already seen, the context of Hebrews 8 is given in chapters 4 – 7, which are all about Yeshua having a better priesthood than that of the Levitical priesthood (which failed miserably). This is why chapter 8 starts out with “Now this is the main point…”

The main point of the prior 4 chapters was that the PRIESTHOOD of the Levites has been replaced with that of Yeshua’s order of Melchizedeck priesthood (since He was from Judah and not Levi). That is what was replaced and made obsolete, not God’s “perfect” Law which verse 10 tells us is now written on our hearts! To insert the word “covenant” into verses 7 and 13 is to completely contradict verse 10 (and the rest of the Bible). I don’t blame myself and others for misunderstanding this. I blame the utter nonsense inserted by translators and taught by people who didn’t bother to look into it for themselves. Such things have caused great confusion in the body of Christ concerning God’s Law.

This is why I maintain that you cannot trust any “translation/version” of the Bible that is in English. You must go back to the Hebrew and Greek – and in this instance, pay attention to the INSERTIONS in the text. Especially those that seem to contradict the whole of Scripture. When I read Hebrews 8 and saw the italicized words in my KJV, it prompted me to look into it deeper. Hebrews 8 caps off what was said in the prior 4 chapters by saying…”


Verses Omitted from the NLT and NIV Bibles
Verses Omitted from the NLT and NIV Bibles – Click to Enlarge



King James Bible 1611 is Masonic!!?

Alternative Options:

English Versions of the Bible


The many mistranslations in the King James Bible obscure much of the truth. For example Genesis 1:1-2, “In the beginning, Yahweh created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep.” In the Hebrew it says, “Now the earth had become chaotic and empty.” (See Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible) Some early catastrophe had wrecked the earth, which was not without form and void before that. This was a judgment of Yahweh on earlier civilizations, for their wickedness. Jeremiah 4:23-27 gives a vision of it. “I beheld the earth and lo, it was without form and void; and the heavens and they had no light. I beheld the mountains and lo, they trembled and all the hills moved lightly. I beheld and lo, there was no man and all the birds of the heavens were fled. I beheld, and lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of Yahweh and by His fierce anger. For thus hath Yahweh said, “The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.” Therefore we do find buried ruins of cities older than Adam and skeletons… The Bible itself tells us about this.





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