Year 2000 – Important Historical Events

Year 2000 – Important Historical Events

“This verse is one of the reasons for the belief that India is the earthly home of Satan”

I HAVE BEEN ASKED TO CHOOSE THE IMPORTANT EVENTS IN HISTORY THAT I CONSIDER THE MOST IMPORTANT. This may not be the list others may choose, but it is my list.
Before Christ

The two events before Christ that I consider the most important were:

1) – The creation of the world and

2) – The creation of Hinduism

1) – “In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God. ” This is the most important information that we will ever have. This WORD, our God, created “adam-man” and gave him the world to rule[1].

2) – Hinduism was created so far back in time that there is no real record of when it was created, but we do know that the writings of the first century Christians relate the following:

“When the accursed serpent saw Adam and Eve it–- made straight for Eve, and ran after her–- Then the Word of God came to the serpent, and–– a wind came to blow from heaven by command of God that carried away the serpent from Adam and Eve, threw it on the sea shore, and it landed in India.” I Adam & Eve 18:l-9[2]

This verse is one of the reasons for the belief that India is the earthly home of Satan the anti-Christ. Another verse is this:


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Year 2000 - Important Historical Events



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