Zetetic astronomy. Earth not a globe! an experimental inquiry into the true figure of the earth

The term ” zetetic ” is derived from the Greek verb zeteo; which means to search or examine — to proceed only by inquiry. None can doubt that by making special experiments and collect- ing manifest and undeniable facts, arranging them in logical order, and observing what is naturally and fairly deducible, the result will be far more consistent and satisfactory than by framing a theory or system and assuming the existence of causes for which there is no direct evidence, and which can only be admitted ” for the sake of argument”. Continue reading below…



Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat, Hollow & Domed


In case you missed it:

One hundred proofs that the earth is not a globe

Terra firma : the earth not a planet, proved from scripture, reason and fact

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