Cool! Check out at what Blue Origin’s Shepard Flight proved!

It always makes me laugh when ballers claim they have “seen the curvature” of the Earth from a commercial airline flight (at less than 40,000 feet). Please note that Blue Origin got to twice the altitude our weather balloons did – getting to over 240,000 feet. In our last weather balloon experiment, we got to just under 110,000 feet. We tried really hard to find a lens that would fit on a GoPro that didn’t have barrel distortion. We came close, but as tests on the ground later proved, the lens we had, while nowhere near the fisheye lens that is normally on a GoPro, still slightly curved the edges of flat surfaces. So, whenever you see the same “curvature” ON THE GROUND that you see “in space” you have to take into consideration what the lens is doing to the image.


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