Was Cain The Father of the Phoenicians/Canaanites?

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One of the most ancient Phoenician historians and a priest of Byblos, Sanchuniathon (Phoenician) had traced the ancestry of his people, the Phoenicians to Cain who was the eldest son of Adam.

The history of Sanchuniathon was compiled into three now lost works originally written in the Phoenician language which has reached us from the Greek translation in the early second century AD by Philo of Byblos who was employed by the Romans to record this sacred history in the time of Emperor Hadrian, according to the Christian bishop Eusebius.

One of the greatest scholars and historians of the seventeenth century, the French Samuel Bochart (1599–1667) had identified the Phoenicians as the Greek name of the people who in Hebrew are called Canaanites in his books, Geographia Sacra seu Phaleg et Canaan (Caen 1646) which exerted a profound influence on seventeenth-century Biblical exegesis.

Richard Cumberland (1631 – 1718) was an English philosopher, author, and Bishop of Peterborough also identified the Phoenicians as the lineage of Cain.

This fact of Phoenician’s as descendants of Cain and dwelling in the land of Canaan as been known for thousands of years.

For example, all the early Church Fathers identified Canaan with Phoenicia and Canaan which for many centuries, considered as names of the same country. This history is also found in the Bible in passages such as Exodus vi. 15. with Gen. xlvi. 10. and Exod. xvi. 33. with Josh. v. 12., in which passages, for the Hebrew words translated Canaanitish and land of Canaan, the Septuagint reads Phoenician and the country of Phoenicia.

The name Kenaan is preserved on a coin of Laodicea of the time of Antiochus Epiphanes, whereon Laodicea is styled “a mother city in Canaan,” ללארכא אם בכנען Kna or Chnd (Χνᾶ ) is mentioned distinctly by Herodian as the old name of Phoenicia. Hence, as Phoenicians or Canaanites were the most powerful of all tribes in Palestine at the time of its invasion by Joshua, the Israelites, in speaking of their own territory as it was before the conquest, called it “the land of Canaan.”

Homer, the ancient Greek poet (c. 1000 B.C.) is the earliest source mentioning “Phoenicians (Phoinikes – Phoiniké) from Tyre and Sidon” and telling of “Sidon which is in Phoenicia”.

33rd Degree Freemason and biblical scholar, Manly P. Hall confirms this by stating in his work, ‘The Secret Doctrine in the Bible‘ that “Cain is a race, we then understand that the story of his wanderings is an account.”

This explanation solves such problems ‘as arises in Genesis 4:15 where the wife of Cain is mentioned, yet the Scriptural accounts infer that at that time Cain and Abel were the only progeny of Adam, supposedly in the world:–also in the same verse Cain builds a city which he named after his son.

One man could scarcely build a city nor could the abode of one man be termed a city. But when we realize that Cain is a race, we then understand that the story of his wanderings is an account of racial migration.”

This race who were known by modern man and the Greeks as Phoenicians and in the bible as the Sons of Cain. A people who called themselves the Sidonians and have been well known by both ancient and modern historians to have migrated to various lands and islands such as Crete to circumvent the world.

We are a confused race of people who in the bible are represented by our father Cain who at the beginning of this 6th Age in which we are in the 2019 year, commits murder out of jealousy of his brother Able and was then allegedly cursed by God to be a fugitive and a vagabond ie: a wanderer from place to place without a true home or real job.

When I look at my own family and fellow Phoenicians in our so-called modern era, I can not only witness this curse in real-time, I see the slave mark of Cain branded onto my skin and this history is part of my DNA which I have inherited from my ancestors.

The facts are that the history of the New Testament Biblical Patriarchs traces their genealogy all the way back to Adam and Eve through the line of Seth. This is why most of the sacred biblical history in the 6th Age and the New Testament ie: the New Law is chiefly confined to the bloodline of Seth, and affords few facts and history concerning that of Cain and his bloodline other than what you will find on my website.

Throughout the 6th Age, the posterity of Cain became more degenerate and wicked; and on the other hand, the descendants of Seth were honored as eminent for their piety and virtue. However, according to Josephus, over the centuries said to be equaling seven generations, The Sons of Seth (Sethians/Romans) became corrupt and profligate; and every kind of wickedness overspread the earth.

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