The Cain Seedline Theory: Problems & Solutions

The Cain Seedline Theory presents the idea that Eve was seduced by a fallen angel, and was therefore the original “seed of the serpent.”


Uncensored Church: Pastor Eli James & Dustin Nemos: The Seed of the Serpent

Note: “it shall come to pass” generally portrays a future tense – as in, Earth would have plenty of time to be populated by those who did not recognize “uncle” Cain, or who would seek to kill him (if they did not know of the curse on any who did). There are also apocryphal books that suggest the reason Cain killed his little brother before murder had happened was jealousy over a woman – their sister – Luluwa, to whom Adam and Eve had promised to Abel.

Even if Cain himself had fathered Nephilim children later through pre-adamite stock, also, this would not mean that he himself was the seed of the serpent in the garden – which we can reasonably assume was indeed an Angel. Here’s an image summarizing the Cain seedline theory involving a fallen angelic seduction of Eve described as fruit.



While this is a popular view, and has been for multiple generations – I believe there are issues to this theory.

Before we explore that, I also want to mention that the Book of Enoch was only recently rediscovered by Western Christianity with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls at Qumran. This breakthrough gave us new insights into old insights and gave a great deal of additional context to the events of the Book of Genesis.

Now, one problem we immediately face: Cain was not a giant! Or at least never had the time to become a giant before being slain – but I think he did have a fairly long life. If he were a TITAN HALF ANGEL why no Gigantism?

Fallen angels + Human = Giant Nephilim Humanoids. Gods laws (including genetic laws) are eternal.

We see in Genesis 6 and in more Detail in the Books of Enoch, Jasher, Jubilees, Reuben and others that the inevitable result of Angels mixing with humans is Nephilim Giants. Monsters. They were noted at birth as having 6 fingers and toes, double rows of teeth, etc. Consider also, that they consumed all the production of mankind and then began to eat mankind – like the Liger cat of today (A Nephilim hybrid between lion and tiger) they grew large & powerful quickly. They consumed far more calories than is natural. In fact, they could rarely survive on their own, the caloric intake to keep their heart just beating would be more than they likely would be able to provide for themselves.

In short, their hunger consumed them and drove them into cannibalism as they grew into gigantic monsters.

Another issue, is that Genesis is quite clear on this as well – Adam knew his wife – The Cain Seedline theory seems to be dead on arrival.

Genesis 4-10 King James Bible says: 

“And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.”

Given what we now know what the Book of Enoch about the Sons of God (Bene Ha Elohim) coming into the daughters of men – and the genetic abominations that resulted from this major sin – that the Seed of the Serpent was not via Cain, but later – during the days of Jared.

I believe a better and more accurate portrayal is described in this adjusted image below – based on Scriptures, including the Book of Enoch.


Seedline Theory – Click to Enlarge


Many people believe in a second incursion theory – I do not, for many of the same reasons listed above. Also, the later giants were much smaller, not the result of a pure angel input, rather the result of much human dilution into the angelic genes.

The punishment was so severe for those fallen angels who were imprisoned that it’s unlikely another non fallen angel would make such a mistake again (according to the Book of Enoch) We could go more into this, but we have a better and simpler explanation that has better cohesion with scripture as well as history and the laws of genetics. Moses also tells us how they returned after the flood.

It’s simple. When The Book of Genesis says “all flesh” had become corrupted, it meant all. Noah was “pure” in his generations – genetics, as were his wife and three sons: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. Unfortunately, the rest of the world was corrupted at this point (hundreds of years after the initial descent of the fallen angels to Mt. Hermon and the original ‘infection.’) This forced Noah to pick Nephilim tainted wives for his Pureblood adamite (human) sons, just before the flood.

How else were they going to continue the species?!

It’s also important to note that many of those various tribes of “ites” like the Canaanites, Jebusites, Amalekites, etc that God later wanted the tribes of Israel to utterly destroy were these tribes of Giants and monsters that descended of Ham. A sinful child – Ham’s offspring through the Nephilim tainted wife are how the Nephilim survived the flood.

Woe to man, the Seed of the Serpent persisted!

Of course, Shem’s children had no giants in his lineage, which presents quite a conundrum to the Nephilim researchers – until you consider the modern genetic field of epigenetics! A relatively new and little understood field beyond geneticists themselves, but essentially epigenetics can prove that our behavior – such as sin – impacts our cellular expression! The same cell might be responsible for a violent or peaceful attitude, based purely on epigenetic expression. Shem, the ‘Good Son’ and his brother Japheth – which may have had some giants in his future lineage, were righteous men, yet Noah Cursed Ham’s offspring, Canaan – because of Ham’s sinful nature, Canaan was born with all the markers of Nephilim. Thus came the Canaanites, which has waged the Seed War against the people of God, from then and all the way until now.

One summary I found of the Seed of Cain suggested that there were pre-adamic races as well (I do not believe that this theory holds out and that there are better explanations post Nephilim that explain racial differences) Here it is:

Cain Seedline Theory 2
Cain Seedline Theory 2

Also note Jubilees:

32 And on the new month of the fourth month, Adam and his wife went forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the land of Elda in the land of their creation.
33 And Adam called the name of his wife Eve.
34 And they had no son till the first jubilee, [8 A.M.] and after this he knew her.
35 Now he tilled the land as he had been instructed in the Garden of Eden.

~Jubilees 3:32-35

1 And in the third week in the second jubilee she gave birth to Cain, and in the fourth she gave birth to Abel, and in the fifth she gave birth to her daughter Awan. (A week is seven years)

 ~Jubilees 4:1


*****This passage from Jubilees destroys serpent seedline & Cain. THERE WAS NO SEX IN THE GARDEN! And they had no son until the 1st jubilee, and after that he knew her. (50 years)
Tossed out of garden on new moon of 4th MONTH.
Cain was 7 years earlier than Abel
Awan was 7 years after Abel.



Nemos Notes:

While physical seduction is consistent with the Greek meaning as Michael G. (a member of our telegram chat at points out: “II cor. 11.3. The word beguiled in the Greek means total seduction. Mind body soul.” Ed, another member, says: “What is interesting the book of Jasher & Jubilees describe 2 different deaths of Cain – Jasher, killed by lamech, but different Lamech: Jubilee’s, city he built a building collapsed on head and killed him. Use stone to kill Abel, so die by stone. Jubilees makes more sense.”

Note from commenter:

“The translation below is from the Targum Jonathan, and the language adds texture and additional context to what went down.

Chapter 4
וְאָדָם יְדַע יַת חַוָה אִיתְּתֵיהּ דַהֲוָה חֲמֵידַת לְמַלְאָכָא וְאַעֲדִיאַת וִילֵידַת יַת קַיִן וַאֲמָרַת קָנִיתִי לְגַבְרָא יַת מַלְאָכָא דַיְיָ
And Adam knew Hava his wife, who had desired the Angel; and she conceived, and bare Kain; and she said, I have acquired a man, the Angel of the Lord.
וְאוֹסִיפַת לְמֵילַד מִן בַּעֲלָהּ אָדָם יַת תְּיוּמָתֵיהּ וְיַת הֶבֶל וַהֲוָה הֶבֶל רָעֵי עָנָא וְקַיִן הֲוָה גְבַר פְּלַח בְאַרְעָא
And she added to bear from her husband Adam his twin, even Habel. And Habel was a shepherd of the flock, but Kain was a man working in the ear”



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Kenites: There are some who claim that the Kenites were descendants of Cain, due to the similarity between the Hebrew words translated “Cain” and “Kenite.” However, unless someone in Noah’s family was a descendant of Cain, all of Cain’s descendants would have been wiped out in the Flood. Further, even if a member of Noah’s family was a descendant of Cain, there would be no way, post-Flood, for a distinct line of Cain to re-emerge. For example, if Ham’s wife was a descendant of Cain, all of Ham’s descendants would be descendants of Cain. With that said, the important point is this: the Bible nowhere connects the Kenites with Cain.



Unsorted Debate Notes:

A. “And Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD.”

It says right there Cain was fathered by ADAM

B. Cain wasn’t a titan! Angel+human=Titan Nephilim giant. God’s laws (Genetic and legal) are eternal

C. God let Cain Live, not a nephilim. YHWH later to the tribes “Leave nothing alive” of the seed of the serpent.

D. The real seed of the serpent is quite clear, as the entire bible talks about it over and over and over throughout the history – the giants. (Gen 6)

E. Adam didn’t cover his sin because he had sex with the serpent, he “knew” things after learning bad teachings from the tree (or school) of evil.

F. Heiser agrees, most of the world would take that over either of our opinions.

G. no glaring holes in my position showing its weakness, such as the sons of seth reliance etc. Believing it was merely human but righteous men in genesis 6 with sinful women. As though only men would be good or only women evil. And as though they could begat giants through sinful copulation between humans. (plenty of that these days, no giants)

H. The original fallen angel in the garden, either Azazel, sammael, or Gadreel, depending on the source – was not imprisoned, but allowed to roam about seeking whom he may devour. Another point in my favor. Gods laws (Genetic and legal) are eternal. Angel+human=Titan Nephilim giant. Titan. Angel + human creating titan = Angel goes to Tartarus. 100% (Gods laws are eternal and fair)

I. “He was a murderer from the beginning and was against the truth”

When was the beginning? Before or after Cain? Ergo Cain cannot be the first murderer.

J. God knows the difference between fruit and seed. She took the fruit (teaching) not the seed of that serpent


K. Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.
1 John 3:12

L. Cain & Abel were not twins!

Cain and Able
1 And in the third week in the second jubilee she gave birth to Cain, and in the fourth she gave birth to Abel, and in the fifth she gave birth to her daughter Awan.
2 And in the first (year) of the third jubilee, Cain slew Abel because YAHWEH accepted the sacrifice of Abel, and did not accept the offering of Cain.
Jubilees 4

How did Eve share the fruit with Adam afterwards? If it was sex.

M. How can there be a seed war between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent if both came from the same woman?




Why Is Genesis 6:1-4 NOT Referring To The Sons of Seth?

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