Gravity Does Not Exist

Gravity Does Not Exist

“There is not a single profession, not one, that uses the pagan fiction globe, not one. As a pilot my self I can tell you Aviation has never used the pagan fiction globe, not today, not ever. We don’t even recognize “gravity” because that is also a lie. We use density, that’s how we read altitude is off the density of the air “ Density Altitude “, we synchronize our altimeters before every flight by setting the current barometric pressure at a known altitude (Runway) before every single flight. No where in Aviation will the term “Gravity” ever be used, not once, we only use altitude density. No where in aviation will curvature ever be used or even mentioned. No where in aviation will rotation of earth ever be mentioned or used. There are no calculations for curvature, rotation or gravity in Aviation period, not today, not ever. Nor is the Globe ever used or mentioned in Aviation today or ever. We use flat earth sectional charts for navigation known as Aeronautical sectional charts. The reason you will not find a single training document or any aviation document that mentions the curvature or rotation of earth or gravity or globe is because all of these are pagan fiction lies, no different than Satan claws coming down your chimney with presents for children or the Ishtar bunny laying chocolate eggs for children, these are all satanic lies that target children. Not only does aviation not recognize any of these pagan fiction lies, no profession in the entire enclosed earth uses the globe model, no, not one. It doesn’t matter if your the navigator of a ship, a plane or a train, the globe model is not used, nor is it used in communications or cartography or any real life profession, no not one! The only place you will ever hear the satanic globe model being used is by liars and fools.”


The Mystery of Gravitation

If you fill a balloon with helium, a substance lighter than the nitrogen, oxygen and other elements which compose the air around it, the balloon will immediately fly upwards. If you blow a dandelion seed out of your hands, a substance just barely heavier than the air, it will float away and slowly but eventually fall to the ground. And if you drop an anvil from your hands, something much heavier than the air, it will quickly and directly fall straight to the ground. Now, this has absolutely nothing to do with “gravity.” The fact that light things rise up and heavy things fall down is simply a natural property of weight. That is very different from “gravity.” Gravity is a hypothetical magnetic-like force possessed by large masses which Isaac Newton needed to help explain the heliocentric theory of the universe.


Newton - Heliocentrism
Newton – Heliocentrism




Gravity Contested (Buoyancy and Density work better)


Hermes Emerald Tablets - The Origination of Newton's Gravity Theory
Hermes Emerald Tablets – The Origination of Newton’s Gravity Theory


Newton's Letter - Hermetics
Newton’s Letter – Hermetics
Hermetics - Defined
Hermetics – Defined


Newton - Alchemist
Newton – Alchemist




Biblical Earth Cosmology – FAQ
SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences
Heliosorcery – Rome Weaponized Pagan Occult Fake Science To Debunk God’s Word

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