Biblical Earth Cosmology – FAQ

Biblical Earth Cosmology – FAQ

For the Skeptical



SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences

Biblical Earther Wrecks Globe Earther

Top 10 Reasons We THINK The World is Globe:


See also: Debunking the “Top 10 Reasons We Know the Earth is a Globe” (Condensed)


The Law of Perspective


Flights Plane Windows Curved & Gyroscopes

Where’s the Edge?

Also – Skydome: The Firmly Solid Firmament



The Azimuthal Equidistant Projection Map used by USGS and UN.


Gleasons Map is 3d Projection – Still Not Quite Right. – Click to Enlarge


Asteroids & Meteors

Where Does The Sun Go?


The Sun – Close and Small


The Mystery of The Sun And Moon According to 1Enoch

“About Eratosthenes…

Modern science believes he may have accurately calculated the distance from the Earth to the Sun and invented the leap day. He created the first map of the world incorporating parallels and meridians, based on the available geographical knowledge of the era. Quite a guy, huh? But how did he do all of that? Well, apparently, he noticed the shadow on an obelisk in Egypt at one location was different from how it appeared at another location at the same time of day. One had almost no shadow, while the other had a long shadow. His conclusion was that the earth must be a sphere and so with that preconceived notion, he did some math calculations to prove that notion and determine how big the alleged sphere was.

That all seems reasonable enough, however, the same thing can be observed in the Flat Earth model. But, in the Flat Earth model, the sun is not millions of miles away. Rather it is much closer and way smaller than the standard model we’ve all been taught. With the smaller, moving sun inside the dome of an enclosed flat earth, you still get the same exact results as those Eratosthenes observed. To prove this, in a 3D program called Poser, I created a flat plain, with two obelisks and a point light with a limited throw:

I then moved that light from being over the top of one to being over the top of the other. Then I zoomed out and raised the camera high above the scene to show how day and night still works with this model as well. The point light only illuminates a specified area. The other areas remain in the dark. You can see my video here:

So, at least in my mind, the early Greek “meter stick” and obelisk experiment proves one of at least two ideas at best. It is by no means conclusive. But there can be no doubt that Eratosthenes was the one who really “got the ball rolling” on this topic.”

~Rob Skiba


But What about Planes? We can See the Curve!

Curvature from Planes
Curvature from Planes – Click to Enlarge

Earth’s Curvature Visible from your Airplane Window?


Why Do the Sun and Moon Get Bigger Near the Horizon – Flat Earth


Why Do the Sun and Moon Get Bigger Near the Horizon?


New World Record Flat Earth Proof Wales to the Alps 700 Miles!

What’s Under The Flat Earth?

What’s Under The Flat Earth?


According to the Biblical Earth Model:

Hebrew Conception of Earth
Hebrew Conception of Earth – Click to Enlarge

No Curvature – What About Ships Disappearing Over the Horizon?

Mirror line horizon EmpyThea Princess

What about all the pictures of Earth?


What about Satellites and GPS?

The Himawari 8 Satellite proves we live on a globe! (Not)



NASA Fakes Satellites
NASA Fakes Satellites


The Spaceship Graveyard In The Ocean – Space Is A Lie

Pentagon Shoots Down Chinese Spy Balloon After It Floated Over US with Biden’s Full Approval

Second Chinese “Surveillance Balloon” Flying Over Latin America

THIS HAPPENED BEFORE: China Floated Balloon Over Hawaii LAST YEAR – Unmanned Balloon Spotted Over Hawaii in 2022

The Biden Administration is Lying About the Chinese Balloon


International Space Station


When talking about the space station you need to use a comparative. Not just “its a satelloon”. The space station is about the size of a Boing A380, maybe more like 747, but either way they are massive aircrafts. At cruising altitude 36k ft, they appear about the size of a small pebble at arms length. The Space station is said to be at 1,340,000 feet away, how much smaller would that appear. Too small for the angular resolution limits of the human eye. Now the speed of 4.5 miles/second(16,200mph), when it is seen traversing the sky, it is moving slowly across the sky. At the speed at which they say it is traveling, it would be visually moving much faster across the sky. Now the reflection, the reflectivity would depend on the angle of the sun striking the surface and the angle at which you view that moment. For a moving object at that size, altitude and speed, the angle of reflection is not going to be constant and as it is claimed that people hundreds of miles away from each other can see the same object at the same time, this type of angular reflection would not appear the way it is described.

Space: International Space Station – Fake

ISS Crossing the Moon – Lies Debunked


Why are all the other planets round?

Why are all the other planets round?

Not allowed to go to Antarctica

What about Circumnavigation?

The compass ONLY works on a Flat Earth


Biblical Earth – Star Rotations

The Stars Precess And Revolve Around The North Star Polaris. Our Celestial Perspective On The Amount Of Sky We Can See Depends On Where We Are & Which Way We Are Looking. The Further One Travels Southward Will Cause Polaris To Dip Down Closer To The Horizon When Facing The North. Once On The Equatorial Line, We View The Star Trails On A Linear Path; Therefore Once One Continues To Pass The Equatorial Line The Star Trails Start To Give The Illusion Of A Counter Clockwise Rotation. The Same Illusion Can Be Done With A Semicircle Piece Of Glass Over A Sheet Of Paper With Circles Drawn On It..



Clockwise or Counter Clockwise Star Trails on a FLAT EARTH

Star Alignments - Biblical Earth
Star Alignments – Biblical Earth


Biblical Earth – Star Rotations – Click to Enlarge


Azimuthal Visual Range

Southern Stars (Relative perspective)

See How Southern Stars Work On a Flat Earth

Not the same stars because azimuthal grid of vision and viewing the stars from opposite directions. Viewing from opposite directions also explains why the Moon is viewed differently in the S and N

Stars Visual Range – Azimuthal


Southern Stars – Relative Perspective


Luminaries of Flat Earth
Luminaries of Flat Earth – Click to Enlarge


What About Seasons?

How do Seasons Work on Flat Earth?

What about Gravity?

Gravity Does Not Exist

Gravity Contested (Buoyancy and Density work better)

What is GRAVITY? – Spacebusters CLIP w Flat Earth Dave

What about the Coriolis Effect?

Air Travel Over the Earth – What about the Coriolis effect?



Is Flat Earth a Religious Thing?

Notably: It does prove the Scriptures correct and the Sciences wrong for the last 500 years about everything from Big Bang to Evolution.

See: Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat, Hollow & Domed

What about Southern Flights?

Biblical Earth Flight Times


Emergency Landings Proving Biblical Earth


Are all scientists, pilots, and government in on the deception?

Also: Flatten The Curve – The Groundbreaking Documentary That Definitively Proves The Shape of The Earth

“Military, Merchant Marines, Submariners, Aeronautical Engineers, Pilots, Radar Technicians, and Engineers provide their first-hand real world expertise to debunk the biggest lie that the “”Globalists”” have conned humanity into believing.

I’ve noticed that there is no subject that triggers a greater level of cognitive dissonance than the belief in the globe. However, anyone who possesses the courage and intellectual honesty to research this subject will inevitably come to the conclusion that we do, in fact, live on a flat and stationary earth.

There could be no “”Globalists”” without the false belief in the “”Globe””. The truth is that God is real, and we live on his creation. We are not the descendants of Apes, we are not here due to random chance, we were created by the Living God, and the Earth is the center of his creation, just like the Bible says.”

Retired F 16 Pilot Says Earth is Flat In Memory of Bob Knodel

Dr. John D Destroys the Curved Globe Model

Faked Space Program(s)

The Firmament

The Firmament


Vacuum of Space?

The Vacuum of Space – Debunked


Biblical Earth - RadioWaves
Biblical Earth – RadioWaves – Click to Enlarge


Eratosthenes’ Shadow Experiment and Moonlight

Moonlight Disproves Eratosthenes’ Shadow Experiment, since it Casts the Same Shadows as the Sun

Eclipses & Mirages

The Selenelion Total Lunar Eclipse and, for example, the Chicago Skyline Mirage are two well known phenomena that “Flat Earthers” claim as definitive proof that the Flat Earth model is the true and correct representation of our world.

A Selenelion Total Lunar Eclipse occurs when both the sun and moon are simultaneously observed above the horizon, an impossibility if the Earth needs to be between the two to cause the eclipse.

When the weather and conditions are favorable, the Chicago skyline has often been observed from the Michigan shoreline 60 miles away, again an impossibility within a Globe Earth model as according to this Earth Curve calculator, the Earth’s curvature should place the Chicago skyline more than 2000 feet below the horizon.

So, what are the Globe Earth explanations? Science, which we’re told to exalt, believe, and follow!

This Flat Earth debunking site explains the Selenelion phenomena this way: “Atmospheric refraction bends light rays and lifts the image of the sun and moon typically, approximately, 0,6 degrees, so both appear above the horizon.”

This ABC news report describes the Chicago skyline phenomena as a form of “Superior Mirage”, a trick that happens when a cool layer of air near the surface and a warmer layer higher in the atmosphere generates an inversion effect that bends light back towards the surface of the earth.

Mount Canigou is much better than Chicago skyline for the argument of being able to see too far. It is 175 miles away from the viewing spot spot in Allauch where 2 times a year the sun backlights the top of the highest peak which should be over 1/2 a mile below the physical curve.

Why The Lie?

Also: Why The Elite Hide Flat Earth – Science v God: God Wins (w/ Science)


CIA, Russia, NASA, US Army Docs: Motionless Flat Earth

Gearing Up For Apollo: Part1: Architects of a Spherical World

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 2: Examining An Ancient Motive

Gearing Up For Apollo: PART 3: A Time of Great Change… And The Death of God

Herme’s Emerald Tablets Source of Debunked Heliocentric Gravity Theory – Newton Was An Occultist

Heliosorcery (2022) – Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism (Full Documentary)

Heliosorcery – The Papacy Contrived Globe Earth To Debunk The Bible

Heliosorcery – Rome Weaponized Fake Science To Debunk God’s Word

The History of Globe Earth vs Biblical Earth – The Papacy’s War With God

What Does it Mean?

Also: Biblical Earth – Geocentricity & Flat Cosmology

Electrochemical Earth

Time Zones

19 times zones in the north and 34 in the south

Biblical Earth – Timezone Manipulation

How Time Zones Hide The Flat Earth

How Time Zones Hide the Flat Earth by Hervé Riboni



Tsunamis Never Wrap Around Antarctica proving FLAT EARTH



Perspectives on Stars N v S
Cold Light
Irreconcilable Lies
Moon Phases & Reflections of Light

Fancy “Ring Laser Gyroscopes” Showing Alleged 15 degree per hour “rotation” (ether drift)

No Curve! Proving that the Earth rotates does not prove that it is Globe. Literally ANYTHING can rotate. The 15 degree drift is found to vary with altitude. This experiment depends upon light propagation. According to theory of relativity, which postulates speed of light as being a constant, it should not, and therefore evidence is that speed of light is not a constant.. Moreover the only theory that appears to account for the observation is that the earth is stationary, at center of universe. Tough for globers eh? your 15 degree hour shift isn’t consistent when you go to higher elevations on the same latitude line.

The light is affected by the vortex drift of the ether which is why it changes as you get closer to the sky which refutes the claim it’s earth spin.

Gyroscopes prove Flat and motionless.

“Aether or no Aether the gyro detects the motion from the sky and that’s why it changes with altitude. You can watch my last in the field with phd physics Robert Bennett”

~Witsit Getsit

The Sagnac experiment (Reference – Comptes Rendus 1913 v157 p 708-710 and 1410-3) Sagnac rotated a table complete with light and mirrors with the light being passed in opposite directions around the table between the mirrors. He detected the movement of the table by the movement of the interference fringes on the target where they were recombined. This proved that there IS an aether that the light has to pass through and this completely destroys Einstein’s theory of Relativity that says there is no aether. It is for this reason that this experiment is completely ignored by scientists. More recently Kantor has found the same result with similar apparatus.


Lunar Eclipses – While Sun IS STILL UP!


Un-credible Scientism


Taken from commentors:

Have you ever seen a solar analemma?
1. The solar analemma is produced with photos of the sun at the exact same time and place regularly throughout a year.
2. A tutulemma includes a solar eclipse as one of the points.
3. The elevation above the horizon of the analemma depends, in part, upon the time of day the photos are taken.
4. Within the Arctic and Antarctic circles it is partially behind the horizon.
5. At the poles the analemma is vertical, and the tilt changes at each degree of latitude.
6. It is horizontal and directly overhead at noon at the equator.
7. The loop tends to be longer towards the equator and equal at the equator though it also depends upon the speed and proximity of the Earth’s orbit which constantly varies.
8. If the earth did not tilt, the analemma would be a horizontal line.
9. If the earth’s orbit around the sun was a perfect circle, the analemma would be a vertical line.
10. If the earth did not tilt AND the orbit was a perfect circle the analemma would be a single dot.
How is this possible on a stationary flat earth?
But more importantly, please explain the irregular circular motion of the sun with the analemma on a flat earth.

35. Can you explain the ice wall during the Cretaceous period when the polar ice caps did not exist?
36. How come we can’t see the ice wall anywhere in SpaceX footage?
37. What have Ryan Waters and all the other polar explorers like Spear17 proved to you?
38. What section of the Antarctic treaty prevents exploration?

I’m Going to Antarctica!!! Ummmm NOPE!

39. If you don’t believe you can explore Antarctica, why don’t you circumnavigate it?

Sailing Antarctica: Record-breaking voyage around the southern continent

40. How do you explain 12-hour non-stop flights from Sydney Australia to Johannesburg South Africa?
41. What keeps us on the flat earth if not gravity because density and buoyancy do not account for acceleration?

42. Why doesn’t a flat earther ever debunk the Cavendish Experiment?

43. Can you explain constant momentum without resorting to claims about the insane speed of our world in various directions?
44. What about tectonic plates, earthquakes, and volcanoes (especially calderas) on a flat earth because no flat earther seems to know what is beneath the surface?
45. If you climb to higher altitudes, why does the atmospheric pressure decrease (i.e., it becomes more difficult to breathe) if we live under a dome?
46. Why do some flat earthers continue to claim gas pressure is not possible without a container using the 2nd law of thermodynamics?
47. Why do flerfers dither about a miniscule dip in an airplane nose yet claim pilots cannot detect the same amount of constant turning on a flat earth?
48. What about Space?
49. Does the Bible teach a flat earth?

1: the “southern hemisphere” IS bigger. This is evinced by NDT and Captain Cook.

2: thats because the sun is moving closer to the north pole.

3: electromagnetic locking.

4: the sun is moving in a spiraling motion, further and then closer to the north pole. The perspective causes analemma.

5: same applies to a globe with an electromagnetic field. Derp.

6: the sun is spiraling around the north pole, getting further and closer to the north pole each solstice.

7: because it’s a giant tesla coil, not a ball of burning gas. The same should be asked of the heliocentric sun. 400 QUADRILLION pounds of material are consumed every SECOND. 98% helium and hydrogen, .5% oxygen, 1.5% misc gases. It’s been burning for 4.6 billion years. Where is your fireball in raw vacuum of space replenishing it’s oxygen??

8: no. That’s incorrect.

9: there are no solar flares, because the sun is electric, not burning gas in atmosphereless space.

10: because you can’t see forever. Common misconception. Just because the Earth is flat, doesn’t mean you can see forever. This is also a hint at the actual distance of the stars.

11: both lunar and solar eclipses have been video recorded where the moon and sun are far apart while the eclipse is happening.

12: because the sun and moon are not physical bodies.

Plasma Moon – 1965 Televised interview with a scientist named Prof. R. Foster regarding the Moon.

13: the Earth’s shadow is not cast on the moon.

14: this is because we cannot see for an infinite distance. The horizon is nothing more than the edge of our visual range, which is also why we can see further as we gain altitude. The sun and moon “disappear” because they move out of visual range.

35: Because the blah blah period is a made up thing that no one can prove is real.
36: Never launched near “Antarctica”.
37: that NONE of them have ever crossed the entire “continent”.
38: massive restrictions on gear, requiring multiple Country’s approval, massive restrictions on waste, pollution, and vehicles(including sled dogs).
39: please click his link to see the actual route they take. It’s not circumnavigation of any kind.
40: if the routes exist, jetstreams, or lying about actual airspeed.
41: gravity us only needed on a spinning ball, not on fe. Density and buoyancy.
42: you mean that experiment that was claimed to have worked only once, by one guy, and was NEVER able to be reproduced, even with modern tech? Whoops.
43: why wouldn’t we bring up four different directions if you’re using “constant momentum” as an excuse for a blatant lie? Can you answer without answering?? DERP.
44: same.
45: Density and buoyancy.
46: because it’s not.
47: planes don’t turn alot on fe, because they don’t have to. Thanks for pointing that out.
48: space doesn’t exist.
49: yes, it does. It teaches the Firmament, says the sun moves around the Earth, says the Earth has foundations and cannot be moved, and Matthew 11:11 directly says FLAT EARTHE, but was changed in the 1611 revision.


Quantum Locking


Shrinking sun using a solar filter.

Land behind the sun. Ultimate proof.

Sun and Moon through filters

Close and local sun.

Sun changes sizes”.





Antarctic Coverup – The “Outer Space” Beyond the Ice Wall Surrounding Our Biblical World

Biblical Earth – Young, Stationary, Geocentric, Flat & Domed


In case you missed it:

Primordial Truth: Mapping the Rabbit Holes – Know Everything!

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