The Smithsonian, Gatekeepers of High Strangeness

The Smithsonian, Gatekeepers of High Strangeness

Established in 1846 with an endowment by philanthropist, chemist, and mineralogist James Smithson, the Institute was purported to be “an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.” As you will see, the truth is that the Smithsonian is engaged in exactly the
opposite effort.

As a little background, the legend of John Wesley Powell speaks of him as a paramount figure in American geology, a remarkable scientist, an avid explorer, and a passionate environmentalist when he went to work for the Smithsonian institute in 1879 as the first Director of Ethnology. He was considered expert because his ethnographic work with Native American tribes where his stated goal

was “civilizing” them. Also known for his map making prowess, he was appointed by then President Garfield as the second Director of the USGS while still serving at the Smithsonian and was a founding member of the National Geographic Society. He also started the Cosmos Club.

The Cosmos Club, which still exists today, is a very powerful and private social club in Washington DC which attracts academics and power players throughout the Nation’s capital. To illustrate this, over the years the ranks of their membership have included three US presidents, two US Vice Presidents, a dozen Supreme Court justices, 36 Nobel Prize winners, 61 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 55 recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. It is the seat of intellectual power in the country.

In order to belong to the Cosmos Club, you have to think a certain way, a humanistic way. Because of this, it is the front door for every thought or effort that sets itself up against the truth of God. Interestingly, our deep black sources also say that there is a secret tunnel system underneath the Club which gives members and the elite access, out of the prying eyes of the public. By the way, our sources also report that the underground tunnel system goes to the bowels of the Smithsonian storage facilities in order to give secret access to those places as well.

One of the most famous living geologists in the world is a member of the Cosmos Club. He told Steve Quayle directly, “I know all about the Egyptian stuff from the Grand Canyon that’s kept in the Smithsonian.” What you will find is that this information is more widespread than you think.

When John Wesley Powell first floated down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon in 1869, the “Manifest Destiny” ideal was in full swing. Coined in 1845, the term first appeared in an editorial for the Democratic Review. At the time, it was a radical belief that said that the United States was destined by God to expand the Union all the way west to the Pacific Ocean.

Along the way, it was believed that this “choosing” by the Almighty would enable America to spread capitalism, democracy, and our dominion over the entire North American continent. Consequently, significant expansion episodes like the 1803 Louisiana Purchase, the Lewis and Clark expeditions westward, the annexation of Florida in 1819, the admitting of Texas to the Union in 1845 and the establishment of the Oregon Territory in 1842 fueled the mindset that the United States was destined to rule. However, this thinking that nothing could, or should, interfere with our westward expansion was also largely responsible for the forced displacement and killing of hundreds of thousands of Native Americans along the way. After all, young America was foreordained, so therefore these “savages” were expendable.

John Wesley Powell was a devout follower of the beliefs of Lewis Henry Morgan, an American anthropologist who is the only American social theorist to be cited by Carl Marx, Charles Darwin, and Sigmund Freud. They say that people are known by the company they keep. If Morgan was speaking Marx’, Darwin’s, and Freud’s language, you pretty much know how he thought. And if Powell considered him someone to aspire to… well, that tells you a lot about Powell as well.

And, because of Powell’s proclivity for socialistic and Darwinist thinking, Manifest Destiny was extremely prevalent in a paper submitted by Powell on behalf of the Smithsonian which became known as “The Powell Doctrine” in July of 1880. In it, hero Powell blatantly decrees that no anthropological research should consider any talk of lost tribes from that point in history forward. He also stated in the writing that Native Americans were “uncultured,” “savage,” and that they lacked “higher intellect.”

Isolationist in nature, the piece stated, “Hence it will be seen that it is illegitimate to use any pictographic matter of a date anterior or prior to the discovery of the continent by Columbus for historic purposes” and he also prohibited any analysis which would connect artifacts located in the New World to any “peoples or so-called races of
antiquity in other parts of the world.” These words are even more shocking when you consider what Powell himself discovered in the Grand Canyon.

To the objective observer, it’s obvious that the flat-out refusal to analyze and scrutinize such evidence is not only unscientific but it’s also extreme and clearly shows an alternative agenda to their stated goal of increasing and diffusing knowledge. Yet, from the day that the Powell Doctrine was published to this, it has been the implicit or explicit
policy of the Institute. As a consequence, the day that the Smithsonian published The Powell Doctrine was the death knell for the world’s true history narrative.

A Lie As Big As A Canyon

“The first thing I can tell you before we go any further, is that no Egyptian Artifact of any kind of have ever been found in North or South America. There, I can tell you that the Smithsonian Institute has never been involved in any such excavations.” – Smithsonian Institute Representative

This is a direct quote from an Institute representative when an inquiry was made about G.E. Kinkaid’s and Professor Jordan’s expedition in the Grand Canyon. As we have reported, they were known to have removed several pieces from that find and had them shipped directly to the Smithsonian.

Steve Quayle also had several opportunities to speak with the late Zuni Pueblo Indian Elder, Cliff Mahooty, who attested to his own eyewitness account of seeing military troops and helicopters landing in the Grand Canyon in the locations of both Kinkaid’s and Powell’s Caves and removing the Egyptian artifacts.


Gary C.

In addition to Cliff’s testimony we have the testimony of Gary C. who was interviewed for the Hagmann fundraiser and told the story of seeing the recovered Grand Canyon Egyptian artifacts at the Smithsonian.

He related how his late father-in-law was the very well-known and well-respected Dr. Troy Payway who worked for the USGS for 40 years. Dr. Payway was both an expert on permafrost
and The Grand Canyon. He used to take college students on river tours of the Grand Canyon and because of his connections, could go down side canyons that are off limits to the general public. Gary had the opportunity to go on these river tours three separate occasions. On his first trip

with his father-in-law, Gary noticed that the landmarks that Dr. Payway kept pointing out had Egyptian names. When Gary asked him why, the doctor said, “It’s because of the Egyptian artifacts that Powell found here” and he wouldn’t say another word.

Dr. Payway was also a member of the Cosmos Club which would have undoubtedly provided him with connections to powerful people and suffice it to say, Gary’s father-in-law was a man of substance. Gary referred to him as a character because when he died, he’d already planned for his brain to go to the Smithsonian.

Sometime after his passing, Gary’s mother-in-law asked him to be the family’s representative and go to’ the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. to make sure that Dr. Payway’s brain was indeed at the Institute and
being held right next to John Wesley’s Powell’s brain, which was also apparently there. Because of

Payway’s reputation and connections, the arrangements had been easily made.

Although Gary didn’t say when this was, he did say that he took his 10-year-old son with him, so we can approximate that this was probably in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.

After arriving and staying at the Cosmos Club, Gary said in the morning that they were driven to a nondescript office park some ways away, probably in Maryland. Pulling up, he noted that there were only a couple of cars out front. After being greeted at the door, he was taken to an elevator and rode down five levels. He later found out that each
level had four wings to it which were each the size of a football field. He was told that in that facility, the Smithsonian had gathered and preserved every known species of insect, mammal, and invertebrate.

Gary was taken to a chamber where there was an older gentleman waiting for them. He showed Dr. Payway’s brain to him in a glass jar and even let him hold it. Gary said he also saw Powell’s brain sitting on a shelf next to where the doctor’s brain resided. After a few moments the older gentleman said that he was a good friend with Gary’s father-in-law and that Dr. Payway had talked to him about Gary’s interest in Egyptian artifacts and The Grand Canyon.

Surprised, Gary confirmed the interest, and the gentleman told him that he wanted to show him something. Taking the elevator up a couple of floors, they entered another chamber with large cabinets. The gentleman pulled open a drawer and Gary saw ancient pottery, sandals and a 4-foot Giant femur. Then the gentleman said, “These are some of the things that came from the Grand Canyon.”

Pointing to the femur, Gary asked how big would that Giant have to be to have a femur that size? The gentleman said, “About 9 feet tall, however we’ve got some that are 20 feet tall.”

They moved on to another wing and he started to open the door, but changed his mind and started to close it instead. Gary told him to hold
on. What he saw was a black stone statue of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead. Next to the statue were four ceramic Canopic jars with the four heads of the sons of Horus on them. These jars were used to place organs in during the mummification process. Gary asked, “Where did these come from?” The gentleman responded, “These also came from the Grand Canyon.”

Gary also said that they saw mummies getting scanned in some sort of MRI or CAT scan machine as they were walking by. When he asked about them, he was told that they were being scanned before they were taken back to their original resting place. He asked, “Where was that?” The reply was, “The Grand Canyon.”


Other Sources

In addition to the Kincaid article from The Phoenix Gazette in April of 1909, we have Steve’s conversation with Tribal Elder Cliff Mahooty who said that he saw with his own eyes the military removing artifacts and Giant mummies from the Grand Canyon with helicopters, and we also have Gary C.’s testimony of what he saw and heard in the Smithsonian while he was there. And there is also the extensive history of the Egyptians circumnavigating the world, that we documented earlier, in which we
hypothesized how, using the Colorado River, they could have gotten to the Grand Canyon thousands of years ago. We also have Powell’s own words on what he found in the Grand Canyon.

However, we also have independent confirmation from one of Steve’s black sources of these artifacts being in the possession of the Smithsonian, exactly as Gary testified.

But not only that, our sources have found that far from being an organization who seeks the betterment of mankind, the Institute is engaged in dangerous experiments designed to corrupt humanity in ways that mimic science fiction. As an example:

• Just as Gary saw, they have one of the best genetics labs in the world and can collect DNA from almost any source.

• Contained and catalogued in their facilities are over three million skulls and skeletons from over 300,000 hybrid species recovered worldwide.

• In their possession are over 250,000 glass bottles containing dead hybrids in preserving fluid. There is even over 350,000 sq. feet of cloning lab facilities. And the Smithsonian is not just one facility, they have multiple facilities which spreads out the risk of loss in the event of a war.

• Some of their work is so secret that the military or top government officials do not even have access to their research, or the samples contain in their facilities.

• It’s been reported that they use five levels of encryption and that their security is tighter than that of the Manhattan Project which developed the nuclear bomb.

Why would an organization dedicated to expanding mankind’s knowledge be so entrenched in dubious research and development?

Because the Smithsonian is not what it appears to be. To illustrate this, and contrary to what the public has been told about Egyptians in the Grand Canyon, an anonymous source has also uncovered an inventory list of items recovered from there to date which are being held at the Smithsonian. They only sent us a sample for one case of artifacts. But if this is only one case, what else have they taken back to DC?

20. Record ID: 11111111-0000000A

20.a Storage Location: Luray Virginia
20.b Storage Level: 8
20.c Storage Chamber: 12a

20.c.a Horizontal: A
20.c.b Vertical: A

20.c.c Case: 1945 — Colorado River — Grand Canyon
Artifacts in Case – 4

20.c.d Group: Lost
20.c.e Discovered At: Grand Canyon, Hopi, B

20.c.e.a Relic Definition: 4’ Individual Skull
20.c.e.b Relic Name: Lost — Skull #2
20.c.e.c Relic Definition: 4’ Hybrid Skull, class 58 – #1
20.c.e.d Observations

Not only does the Smithsonian know about Egyptians in the Grand Canyon, but they are also absolutely covering it up. They are the Gatekeepers of the historical narrative; their reach is long, and they will go to any length to keep the truth about history from getting

Suppressing Knowledge of Giants

In 1848, two years after the endowment that established the Smithsonian and 32 years before The Powell Doctrine would be introduced, apparently Abraham Lincoln didn’t get the memo on how history’s narrative would be changed. In a speech at Niagara Falls he made the following statement:

“The eyes of that species of extinct giant, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as our eyes do now.”

At the time, this statement didn’t take anyone by surprise because it was common knowledge that Giants were in the land(s).

In fact, there are several old newspaper articles dedicated to the uncovering of Giant skeletons and even run-ins with real live Giants. Yet, since The Powell Doctrine was instituted, the shadowy, supposedly nongovernmental, agency of the Smithsonian has been showing up and whisking off with Giant skeletons from around the world.

There’s a clear pattern of the suppression of knowledge when it comes to the evaluation and recovery of Giant skeletons. What has been witnessed on numerous occasions are instances where Giants’ remains are found and somehow the Institute finds out about the discovery, shows up on the site and confiscates the remains, leaving no record of the discovery or their confiscation.

As an example, there’s a curious story out of the Aleutian Island of Sheyma from World War II as it was related to Johnny Carson from Ivan T.
Sanderson, a well-known zoologist who frequented the show in the 1960’s. Sanderson told of how he’d received a letter from an engineer stationed on the island during the war. The correspondence said that in the process of building a new airstrip, they had to bulldoze a group of hills. When they did, they uncovered what appeared to be an ancient graveyard filled with Giant bones. Some of the skulls were said to be as much as two feet high from the base of the skull to the top. Apparently, every skull had been precisely trepanned, a hole cut at the top of the skull. Confirmation of this report of the Giant skeletons was received in another letter by a separate individual from the unit.

Both reports said that the good folks from the Smithsonian came by to collect the artifacts and carted them off. They were never seen or heard from again. Sanderson was even convinced that the Institute collected the bones but couldn’t understand why the Smithsonian wouldn’t release the information and asked the question, “…is it that these people cannot face rewriting all the textbooks?”

Even as early as 1911 the Smithsonian’s efforts to remove Giants from the historical narrative could be seen. A report noting their usual modus operandus came out on October 13, 1911. The article in the Arizona Journal-Miner detailed the discovery by a man named Peter Marx who’d uncovered the remains of a Giant in Walnut Creek, Arizona.

News of the find spread, and he was deluged with letters from around the country. Apparently, the report found its way all the way to Washington, D.C. because a Mr.Shoup turned up on Marx’s doorstep. Shoup was an attaché dispatched all the way across the country by the Smithsonian to record the finding.

After close examination of the long dead creature, Shoup asked Marx if he could buy the skeleton and take it back to the Smithsonian. Marx declined the offer and said that he wanted to donate the remains to a local organization instead.

Think about this, back then there were no cars, no planes, few trains and certainly no direct route to travel the 1,300 plus miles from D.C. to the then territory of Arizona. It would have taken months, but they wanted that Giant bad. Only because Marx stood up to them, did they not get it… that time. Yet, 1911 was a long time ago and the Giant skeleton isn’t on display anywhere. One must wonder if the Smithsonian ended up with it after all. It’s entirely likely because since then they have learned their lessons well and now wield the weight of the US government behind their confiscation efforts as this next episode will show.

Anthropologist Russell Dement had been hearing about a tribe of Giants in the Amazonian rainforest for years. And because the stories were identical in both Ecuador and Peru, he figured they were probably true. One of these sources of the stories was an article written in the early 1900s by a German anthropologist named Franz Bosch who had spent a great deal of time in the Amazon researching the tribes’ head-shrinking ritual. We’ll come back to him in a moment.

In December of 2013 there were heavy rains and terrible flooding on the border between Ecuador and Peru where the Shuar indigenous community lives. It was shortly after this that Dement received an urgent phone call from a Shuar friend about finding the remains of one of those legendary Giants. Already in country in Quito, Ecuador, he, and his team of German researchers immediately rushed to the area which was about 70 miles from the city of Cuenca.

What he found when he got there was a skull and rib cage of a very tall woman, some 600 years old, that had been dislodged from its resting place by an overflowing creek. Upon locating the rest of the remains nearby, and putting the bones in the correct positions, they determined that she was “approximately 7’4” tall which would have been extremely large for a person in that area 600 years ago. This launched an expedition two months later with funding and equipment provided by Freie Universitat in Berlin. This is a very important point because there is written evidence of the find, the funding and the university’s involvement.

After about six months they had uncovered two settlements of Giants, on both sides of the border. There was a total of six Giant skeletons recovered as well as some body parts of others and artifacts from the ancient communities. An important point is that the skeletons had no signs of diseases which would have caused gigantism. They shipped off two of the bodies to the university for study and four remained in the area.

Another important point to the Smithsonian is that Dement said that the dig would probably go on for another year and that they were documenting everything very carefully. At the conclusion, he specifically said that they would publish their findings.

No such paper was ever published! In fact, our deep black sources have verified that Dement and his team were detained and sequestered for a long time by none other than the Smithsonian. All of their findings were confiscated including notes, samples, skeletons and equipment. The institute also dispatched people to the university and confiscated everything from there as well and silenced anyone involved in the project. Dement has not been heard from since.

People that doubt this story only need to look at the fate of the aforementioned Franz Bosch. Remember, he was the guy that was interested in head-shrinking ceremonies of the local tribes in that same area in 1906. Apparently, he and his guide got an up-close view of the ceremony because an Irish priest that had befriended him stumbled upon both Bosch’s and his guide’s shrunken heads in an Ecuadorian open market in town. He bought them and delivered Bosch’s head to his parents in Berlin in 1911. As anecdotal proof about Dement’s Giants, Bosch’s head is on display at a natural history museum at Freie Universitat today.

If Bosch wrote about the Giants and his death was real, as evidenced by the display in the museum, then Dement’s Giant skeletons must also be real, but has been swept under the rug by the Smithsonian. As previously stated, they will go to any length to not let the knowledge of true history get out. Over the years there have been numerous finds of Giants that have made newspaper articles. Inevitably, these remains always seem to disappear. Now you know why.

But it’s not only the truth about Giants that the Smithsonian doesn’t want the public to know about. The truth about ancient history is what they fear, and this points directly to the artifacts that our team found in Mexico.


Other Mexican Treasures

GenSix and particularly our Director of Antiquities, Jesse, has taken a lot of flak over the artifacts that we uncovered from our first expedition. Without knowing the background, people were quick to say that they were phony and certainly not antiques. This is why we have gone to great lengths to capture everything from this dig on camera. However, for those critics who refuse to believe their own eyes, perhaps another discovery from Acambaro, Mexico will persuade them.

German expat Waldemar Julsrud was a well-respected and admired merchant in Acambaro in 1944 and stumbled upon a discovery which should sound very familiar to the Gensix audience. The amateur archologist uncovered some 33,500 artifacts which look a lot like the ones that our team has uncovered. There were statues anywhere in six feet to one inch long that were made of ceramic, stone, jade, and obsidian. There were also obsidian knives from the find that, despite being underground for so long, were still sharper than a scalpel.

There were also strange representations of what looked like Bigfoot, sea monsters, animal-human hybrids, and what looked like dinosaurs. And, just like the artifacts from our first expedition, there were also reptile like creatures that were sexually interacting with humans and many the artifacts showed them eating people.

The skeleton of mammoth was also uncovered, as well as the teeth from an extinct Ice Age horse. Included in the find were also several human skulls and other ceramic artifacts, as well as simply baffling depictions which words cannot describe.

Specific to our discussion, there were numerous depictions of a variety of races represented in the artifacts from Egyptians, Sumerians, dark skinned people such as Africans or Caribbeans, Asians, as well as Caucasians with beards, many of which were totally foreign to the region and shouldn’t be represented given the historical narrative of
Columbus not coming to America until 1492.

The University of Pennsylvania did radio-carbon dating and additional tests on some of the pottery in their labs and determined that there were made around 4,500 BC, 6,500 years ago!

The German stuffed his house with the artifacts and even needed to enlarge it to accommodate all of them. Throughout the years he would entertain various scientific and intellectual visitors who wanted to see
the artifacts. One such group from a different university came to view the finds and after seeing a half-dozen pieces, determined that there was no way they could have been modern reproductions. Interestingly, when they were told where they were found, they quickly clammed up.

Early in the find, the Smithsonian, without seeing or evaluating the artifacts, dismissed the collection as an elaborate hoax.

American archaeologist Charles C. DiPeso was dispatched to Acambaro in 1952 to supposedly examine the artifacts. After only spending less than four hours “minutely” examining all 32,000 pieces, he declared them a fraud. After all, mainstream science couldn’t have an alternate version of ancient history floating around out there and Julsrud’s find was gaining notoriety. It eventually came out that DiPeso was sent by the Smithsonian, but his efforts to discredit the find backfired.

John H. Tierney was a well-known archaeological investigator at the time and said in one of his many lectures on the find that DiPeso would have had to “minutely” inspect 133 pieces every sixty seconds for four hours straight to get through all of them. This didn’t take into consideration the weeks it would have taken to arrange and organize the artifacts in order to make a proper inspection of them. Tierney specifically pointed to the Smithsonian, and “other archaeological authorities’, as the instigators of a disinformation campaign designed to discredit the find. In addition, Tierney revealed that through his efforts to obtain information on the find through The Freedom of

Information Act, he discovered that nearly all of the Smithsonian’s case files on Julsrud’s discovery had disappeared.

Lastly, notable professor of history and anthropology at the University of New Hampshire, Charles Hapgood, led an initially skeptical expedition to Julsrud’s site in 1955 and 1968. His skepticism vanished when on the 1955 expedition he saw with his own eyes some of the artifacts being unearthed and even directed the diggers where to shovel.

Despite earlier determining “the apparent scientific legality with which these objects were found” the Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia said that the items were too fantastic in nature to believe and declared them a hoax. Julsrud eventually died and the government came in and confiscated all of the artifacts and his house was sold.

Today there is a small museum in Acambaro bearing Julsrud’s name, however only a few trinkets are on display for the public to see. None of the larger or more

controversial pieces are anywhere in sight. But our deep black sources have found them. They are currently in the bowels of the Smithsonian, never to be seen again.

We at GenSix are a little familiar with the propensity of the Mexican authorities to confiscate ancient artifacts. One of the most stunning artifacts ever uncovered in an archeological dig was unearthed, by our team, on camera, from an 8’ hole. It looked like the creature from the movie Aliens. Unfortunately, it was in a backpack of one of our team members as he was going through the airport, trying to get back home. When it was put through the x-ray machine, immediately several Mexican National Guard soldiers surrounded and detained him. He was threatened by an official to surrender to artifact or go to jail and had no choice but to let them have it. As impressive as it was, we have its recovery on film so that must be enough. After all, maybe it will find its way to the Smithsonian and keep Julsrud’s artifacts company?

So, why did we take you on this journey stretching from UFOs, to the Egyptians, to the Smithsonian and everything in between? In answer to that question, the picture below is a screen capture from our most recent expedition in Mexico.

This is an obelisk that clearly has Egyptian iconography, UFOs and aliens all over it. All of the those things should not be buried, according to the supposed experts, under the Mexican soil. As a consequence, with the background that we’ve provided you, you will understand that the history that you have been taught – is a lie.

Excerpted from The Egyptians & Alien Connections in the Americas



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