The Two Babylons: The Papal Worship Proved To Be The Worship Of Nimrod And His Wife

The Two Babylons: The Papal Worship Proved To Be The Worship Of Nimrod And His Wife

I have now finished the task I proposed to myself. Even yet the evidence is not nearly exhausted ; but, upon the evidence which has been adduced, I appeal to the reader if I have not proved every point which I engaged to demonstrate. Is there one, who has
candidly considered the proof that has been led, that now doubts that Rome is the Apocalyptic Babylon? Is there one who will venture to deny that, from the foundation to the topmost stone, it is essentially a system of Paganism. What, then, is to be the practical conclusion from all this?

Let every Christian henceforth and for ever treat it as an outcast from the pale of Christianity. Instead of speaking of it as a
Christian Church, let it be recognized and regarded as the Mystery of Iniquity, yea, as the very Synagogue of Satan. With such over- whelming evidence of its real character, it would be folly—it would be worse—it would be treachery to the cause of Christ—to stand merely on the defensive, to parley with its priests about the lawfulness of Protestant orders, the validity of Protestant sacraments, or the possibility of salvation apart from its communion. If Rome is now to be admitted to form a portion of the Church of Christ, where is the system of Paganism that has ever existed, or that now exists, that could not put in an equal claim?

The Secret Societies like Freemasonry, worship and deify – or at the very least revere and edify – Nimrod, from the tower of Babel fame (of scripture)

The papacy is Nimrods steward.

The son of perdition is very possibly Nimrod’s genetics reborn (Gilgamesh’s tomb found in Iraq just before we invaded and stole it for “WMDs” we never found)

The pope is merging religions into the abomination Chrislam, now – pretending to put aside differences only to poison all doctrine with satanic muddied waters of morality.

Are Christians suddenly ok with Christ being relegated to the back of the “ascended masters” bus?

Do they accept the Catholic Church still selling salvation to little old ladies for their retirement money? ‘Dispensations for your dead husband burning in hell? Give us money, or get out!’

Or are you saved by Grace through Yeshuah’s sacrifice?

By Gods scriptures and laws?

Or mans?

The final NWO takeover is here, the one world religion is here. Nimrods one world government is back, everything is happening as it was foretold long ago in scripture. As the secret societies have plotted to bring about since the Tower of Babel fell.

This Atlantean conspiracy continues today, and the Magnum Opus, or Great Work of The Ages, of the Freemasonic secret societies are all coming together now.

The mystery of Babylon is no longer a mystery.

Scriptural prophecies have begun to reveal themselves for those who are watching, with eyes to see.

And for those with logical discerning minds who care to look and “test all things”

Either way, its about to get worse, and they are going to trick us with a Right hand Saving us from the Left Hand scenario. Order out of Chaos.
Order Ab Chao
Solve Et Coagula
problem, reaction, solution – the hegelian dialectic.

Or, as the freemasons call it in their own writings.

The preserved and handed down (through mystery schools) secrets of theKnowledge of Good and Evil.


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The Two Babylons: The Papal Worship Proved To Be The Worship Of Nimrod And His Wife

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