Why The Elite Hide Biblical Earth – Science v God: God Wins (w/ Science)

Why The Elite Hide Flat Earth – Science v God: God Wins (w/ Science)


“O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.”
~1 Timothy 6:20


The History of Biblical Earth


The History of Globe Earth vs Biblical Earth – The Papacy’s War With God

SCIENTISM – The Cult of False Sciences

NASA – The Actor’s Guild of The Freemason Forked Tongue





Flat Earth AGENDA
Flat Earth AGENDA – Click to Enlarge

“WHY? If we really are on a flat earth, why the deception? What is the motive to lie to us about all of this?” To me, the motivation is quite clear:

1) First get people to doubt YHWH’s Word by destroying the very foundation of our Bible: Genesis – specifically the Creation account.

2) Set up a new paradigm, where God is out and “science” is in. Evolution removes YHWH from the equation.

3) When evolution finally runs its course and becomes utterly bankrupt, introduce the idea of “Intelligent Design” but deny the True Designer His due credit and place it rather on “Ancient Aliens.”

4) Promote the Ancient Alien theme as much as possible in all forms of media by perpetuating the concept of Earth as a tiny “blue marble” orbiting an average sun in an average galaxy among trillions of other galaxies in an ever expanding Universe. With so much “potential for life to exist” in such a vast expanse, the idea of alien scientists being our creators seems a lot more plausible over time and heavy indoctrination.

5) The stage is set for our “alien creators” to return and bestow upon us their “miracles, signs and wonders” in order to convince us all the more that all religions are false. We then put our trust in them. Finally, when Christ does return, we are all convinced that He is the enemy and our united world gathers together to make war with Him.”

~Rob Skiba, excerpt from http://testingtheglobe.com/apollo2.html


Hebrew Conception of Earth – Click to Enlarge

 Sir Isaac Newton - Literal Biblical Interpretation

Sir Isaac Newton – Literal Biblical Interpretation

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CurvatureWordProblem – Click to Enlarge


Freemasons of Globe-alism
Freemasons of Globe-alism – Click to Enlarge



To say that the Scriptures were not intended to teach science truthfully is, in substance, to declare that God Himself has stated, and commissioned His prophets to teach things which are utterly false! Those Newtonian philosophers who still hold that the Sacred Volume is the word of God are thus placed in a fearful dilemma. How can the two systems, so directly opposite in character, be reconciled? Oil and water alone will not combine–mix them by violence as we may, they will again separate when allowed to rest. Call oil oil, and water water, and acknowledge them to be distinct in nature and value, but let no “hodge-podge” be attempted, and passed off as a genuine compound of oil and water. Call Scripture the Word of God, the Creator and Ruler of all things, and the Fountain of all truth; and call the Newtonian or Copernican system of astronomy the word and work of man–of man, too, in his vainest mood–so vain and conceited as not to be content with the direct and simple teachings of his Maker, but must rise up in rebellion, and conjure into existence a fanciful complicated fabric, which, being insisted upon as true, creates and necessitates the dark and horrible interrogatives–Is God a deceiver? Has He spoken direct and unequivocal falsehood? Can we no longer indulge in the beautiful and consoling thought that God’s justice, and love, and truth, are unchanging and reliable for ever? Let Christians at least–for sceptics and atheists may be left out of the question–to whatever division of the Church they belong, look to this matter calmly and earnestly.

Luther on The Universities Ushering In Hell
Luther on The Universities Ushering In Hell
Martin Luther on Heliocentrism
Martin Luther on Heliocentrism
Calvin Against Heliocentrism
Calvin Against Heliocentrism

The Big Bang - Catholic Lie
The Big Bang – Catholic Lie
The Wizards of Scientism
The Wizards of Scientism


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CIA, Russia, NASA, US Army Docs: Motionless Flat Earth (Rob Skiba)

CIA, Russia, NASA, US Army Docs: Motionless Flat Earth


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