Testimony of the Archivist

Welcome to the Serapeum, an archive of the Hidden History of Mankind. Named after the destroyed libraries of great Alexandria, repository of ancient knowledge.

I am The Archivist and this is my testimony:

Why do you believe in God?

Most people, even of faith, do not have much of an answer to this question. As a former anti theist turned devout Christian, here’s my journey:

I studied history, philosophy, logic, debate, atheism, the deep state and secret societies and what they believe and what they’ve done over history and what they worship and what *those* things did to mankind before (and after) the flood. They aren’t aliens, the way the government, media, Hollywood, alien disclosure movement, and Satanist founded Ancient Aliens shows want you to think. They are fallen angels

I studied science, geography, ancient maps, establishment “science”, mythology, cosmology, theology, antediluvian (pre-flood) history, mystery Babylon, and of course all the modern conspiracies like 9/11 and operation mockingbird.  Turns out much of what we consider to be solid Science is actually just secret society infiltration and manipulation. Scientism and Dogma, not Scientific Method. And the actual scientific method only affirms the existence of the Creator! We have an entire section here on “Deep State Science.”

I studied it all and confidently feel that for the learned person who makes time to study these topics (isn’t that the catch?), finding God is inevitable. I think proving creationism is quite doable based on the current state of human knowledge. On this archive we’ve given more than sufficient evidence for a reasonable mind to know God is real. And there’s much more about the world available here.

I was as anti theist as one can get. I truly believed religion was a source of humanity’s ills. I learned how to debate religion very well by practicing against religion (mini Christopher Hitchens)

When I became a censored reporter and began to dig into the deep state, the elite, and their belief systems…I became a devout fundamentalist Christian Apologist.

Establishment Geneticists, Cosmologists, Virologists, Physicists, Evolutionists,  etc push a heavily flawed ‘politically correct’ theoretic version of humanities past as though it were fact. “Out of Africa” saying we’re all linked to a common ancestor “missing link” they can’t seem to find. (Should be billions) Downplaying RH- genetics (hybrid humanity+something.)

Historians rewrite history in such a way to advance their careers and not implode this house of cards narrative, such as White Hebrews were all over North America before anyone else thousands of years ago. Archeologists destroying footprints of humans and dinosaurs walking together, Fake News hiding the truth, Big Pharma medical doctors poisoning our health and completely forgetting about informed consent as soon as the government tells them to.  …. Educators that dumb kids down, and molest them. Atheistic Communism pushed (and created) by actual Satanists whose goal is to destroy Christianity and the nuclear family. Common core included and Critical Race Theory are just recent tactics in a long war against our minds.

It’s nothing new, Fake News has been writing most of human history. It’s time we set the record straight. It’s time we learn our hidden past.

What does it all mean?

We’ve built a map, follow it – and you too will find God hidden in the pages of history and the censored secrets of “science.”

The Map

Due to the nature of the dangerous information presented on this archive, I’ve chosen to remain somewhat anonymous and represent myself with artwork in this thumb, rather than my face.

I’m a public figure and reporter, a journalist and bestselling author whose one of the most heavily censored voices in independent today.

And even I’m afraid of the backlash from the incredible truths on this website.

I pray that you find it of value, fellow seeker.

~The Archivist

p.s. – Epstein didn’t kill himself and neither would I. If I fall, don’t let this knowledge disappear.

Back up everything, and make copies. Spread the truth.