New History of the Jews – Eustace Mullins

New History of the Jews – Eustace Mullins

Although one could cite thousands of pages authenticating famous ritual murders of children by the Jews, we shall mention only two. In Lincoln, England, stands one of the most magnificent Gothic cathedrals i n the world, its soaring arches a marvel of engineering and art. Tourists are told that it was built to commemorate a local child named Hugh of Lincoln, but they are not told why he was martyred, or by whom. Nevertheless, the story is well known, and i t was told by many prominent writers, including the great poet, Chaucer, who told the story of Hugh 0 ‘ Lincoln in his poem, The Prioress’ Tale. Saint Hugh was murdered by the Jews i n Lincoln in the year 1255, and the townspeople resolved to erect a great cathedral which would serve as a warning to all gentile parents to protect their children from the Jews. Hugh’s body had been found in a well on the property of a Jew named Copinns. King Henry III himself directed the investigation, as proof of its fairness. He refused to allow mercy to be shown Copinns, after the evidence had been gathered against him, and Copinns was executed, but the other Jews involved i n the act escaped punishment. Tourists are now told that no such child as Hugh ever existed, and the story has been expunged from the guidebooks about the cathedral. Many professors of English have also dropped Chaucer from their courses because he exposed this Jewish crime.

Many other European churches were erected to commemorate the victims of Jewish ritual murder, some four hundred in Europe alone. Many of these children were elevated to sainthood because of their sufferings at the hands of the Jews. One of these was Saint Simon of Trent. We cite his story from an official Catholic parochial book, Father Alban Butler’s Lives of the Saints, “In the year 1472, when the Jews of Trent met in their synagogue on Tuesday in Holy Week, to deliberate preparations for the approaching festival of the Passover, which fell that year on Thursday following, they came to a resolution of sacrificing to their inveterate hatred of the Christian name, some Christian infant on the Friday following, or Good Friday. A Jewish physician undertook to procure such an infant for the horrid purpose. And while the Christians were at the office of Tenebrae on Wednesday evening, he found a child called Simon, about two years old, whom by caresses and by showing him a piece of money, he decoyed from the door of a house, the master and mistress whereof had gone off to Church, and carried him off. On Thursday evening the principal Jews shut themselves up in a chamber adjoining to their synagogue, and at midnight began their cruel butchery of this innocent victim. 

Having stopped his mouth with an apron to prevent his crying out, they made several incisions in his body, gathering his blood in a basin. Some, all this while, held his arms stretched out in the form of a cross; others held his legs. The child being half dead, they raised him to his feet, and while two of them held him by the arms, the rest pierced his body on all sides with their awls and bodkins. When they saw the child had expired, they sung round it: ‘In the same manner did we treat Jesus the God of the Christians; thus may our enemies be confounded forever.’ The magistrates and parents making strict search after the lost child, the Jews hid it first in a barn of hay, then in a cellar, and at last threw it into a river. B u t God confounded all their endeavours to prevent the discovery of the fact, which being proved upon them, with its several circumstances, they were put to death, the principal actors in the tragedy being broken upon the wheel and burnt. The synagogue was destroyed, and a chapel was erected upon the spot where the child was martyred. God honored this innocent victim with many miracles. The relics lie in a stately tomb in St. Peter’s Church at Trent; and the name occurs in the Martyrology.”

~New History of the Jews – Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins - New History of the Jews - 1968


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