Satan’s Serum and the Resurrection of the Nephilim!

Hear the Ram’s Horn blowing!

This video had been blocked worldwide. I had to remove a major section on the YouTube version. The makers of Crispr Cas9, stated that with this technology, they have the power to change the very nature of what makes us human! This scene proceeded Elon Musk’s comment, on how gene editing can turn someone into a butterfly. Indeed, that is what they are doing, rewriting the source code of life! This is a must watch. Also comments that use certain words such as CXXid, VaXXine , etc. will be removed. Please reframe from using these words. Thank you in advance.

If you or someone you know has been sitting on the fence, regarding the injection, then this is a must watch. Come take a walk with me, my beloved! Everything that has been hidden, surrounding the end time deception, will now be exposed. Be prepared, during the first hour of viewing, to learn why Yahuwah has repeatedly told us not to eat blood and why we are to abstain from blood. To fully comprehend Satan’s Serum, I strongly suggest you watch the first hour. Understanding this, you will gain a deeper insight of what is really occurring on the world stage with the injections. I went into so much detail, eight long months in the making, that after watching, whoever chooses to receive Satan’s Serum, all I can say is my hands are clean. May each of you be baruch!

Be on the look out for my upcoming video, “The Final Countdown”!

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The Seed of the Serpent – The Pharisees
The Descendants of Ham – Cushites, Canaanites. Blacks & Jews.
The Seedwar – War of Gog & Magog – Amalekites>Khazarians>Askhenazi>Talmudists
Babylon’s Most Unholy Book – AntiChrist Talmud, Sin to Win
Sabbatean/Frankists – the “Cult of the All-Seeing Eye”
The Power and Aims of International Jewry: U.S. War Department Investigation 1919
The Satanic Star of Judaism (Remphan) – David Had NO Star.
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The Last Days of The Serpent’s Red Throne
Year 2000 – Important Historical Events
The Serpent’s Seed
The Sheep and The Wolf
The History of The Khazarians
Khazaria 2 In The Making
Exactly Why Jesus Christ is NOT a Jew
Ernst Zündel and the Wicked Silence
The Cipherers of Sephar
Jesus in The Talmud
Talmudist Confessions of Ritual Murder
Curse of Canaan
The Serpent’s Seed
Who or What is a Jew?
Bloody Passovers – Top Jewish Scholar Says Jews Sacrifice Christians
The Allegations of Blood Libel Across Jewish History
Seed War on Pureblood Humanity: mRNA = Mark of the Beast
White Genocide and Hatred
New History of the Jews – Eustace Mullins
Seed War: Loxist Talmudic Weaponized Racism – AntiSemitism & White Guilt Explained
The Synagogue Of Satan Full Documentary




The Table of Nations: Biblical & Historical Fact

Lineages of Adam
The Lineages of Man and Nephilim

Lineages of Noah
The Sons of Shem – The Caucasian Peoples of Europe
The Descendants of Japheth
The Descendants of Ham – Cushites, Canaanites. Blacks & Jews.
The Jewish Paradox – Imposter Hebrews
97%+ Of Jews Are Not of Abraham – Fake Hebrews
Sons of Cush – The Black Tribes of Man
The Nephilim Tribes of Canaanites, Edomites, Amalekites (Jews)

Lineages of Abraham
Sons of Ishmael – Modern Arabs
The True Hebrew Israelites – The Caucasian Race (The Lost Tribes of Israel)

About Christian Identity
Things Christians Need To Know
Oxymoronic Judeo-Christian Deception


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The Real Gog & Magog

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