Did the Jews Invent The Bible They Hate To Trick People? No, But They Did Exploit It!


Did Jews Makeup The Bible

The controllers HATE the bible, killed 50,000,000 believers for daring to read or write it, finally backed off when it was causing the religion to grow. Then made their own controlled op “Nicean Catholic Christianity” Church and then began to kill everyone who wouldn’t follow THEIR version (Pagan with Christian words)

Now, their back to trying to outlaw it again. With these new hate speech laws.

The Jews refuse to speak Gods name, YHWH. They pray to Hashem – Asmodeus.

The Jews refuse to follow Gods commandments and doctrines, teaching their own inversions instead (as Jesus warned) in the Talmud. Inverting Every Biblical Law.

The Jews Hated Christ as they Hate Christians, using Roman enforcers and making up Hate Speech laws to put Jesus Yeshuah the Christ to Death in accordance with prophecies. Which are 100% accurate every single time.

The Jews Hate Christians – They certainly don’t want to make more of them.

They are currently attempting to outlaw The Bible Adam Green says they created, using hate speech laws and coming soon, the Noachide laws – outlawing the scriptures and beheading Christians as Idolaters.

The Jews did not create the bible, they tried to destroy it. Then they tried to co-opt it, literally writing the word Jew in 1400 years everywhere it said Judean and Judahite (kinda like American and Nemos becoming PewPew – makes no sense, does it?) This happened, incidentally, the same time they took Gods Holy Name, YHWH, OUT of the bible over 6000 times.


This idea that the Jews made up the bible to fool Christians is an agenda. It’s beyond stupid, it’s intentionally stupid. Be Careful Who You Trust.

Adam “Edom” Green and others teach this nonsense – but they don’t actually believe it, you can tell because when presented with truth they reject it and double down on narrative. See our Debate here.


This inversion is explained thusly:

The Bible is 100% Accurate, Prophecies and Historically

Edom, the Bad guys at the end of the bible, descend from Nephilim – the non human monster pedovore cannibal giant demigod tyrant kings of the preflood world. They diluted throughout human history with men, and by the time of Jesus looked like men. Jesus, An Anglo Saxon white man, told us point blank and constantly NAMED THE JEW as demons, infiltrators, and deceivers – for which they killed him. The Jews are diluted giants – seed of the serpent. Demonic spirits in death, and monstrous mutants in life.

Edom has stolen the identity of Israel (Jews have stolen the identity and authority of being Gods chosen Israelite people, without a shred of evidence) As prophecied

Edom, pretending to be Israel, is now engaging in The prophesied Time of Jacob’s Trouble – attempting to wipe out the white race. God also foretold the Jews as our “Deep State”.

In Obadiah 18, Whites will rise up and destroy every remaining Jew, thus completing Gods commandments to wipe them out, which Joshua failed to complete during the conquest of Canaan. (I suspect this happens within the next 3 years based on other prophetic markers)


Ask yourself this, Why would the Jews invent a book that hates them? A few examples… (Remember, the ACTUAL evidences for WHO IS Israel all point to Europeans, Jews have none, only claim our identity and history as their own! Identity theft, the “Name Stealers” they were called…

Why include verses like “The jews who say they are jews, and are not, but do lie” etc? Many verses make no sense if you actually believe Jews invented the bible.

Christians invented the bible (And books) while everyone else was still stuck on scrolls and clay.

“Leave nothing alive”

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