The Dollar Doomsday “Prophecy” – What That Pyramid Means

The Dollar Doomsday Prophecy – What That Pyramid Means.

Alternately Titled,

The Freemason Doomsday Prophecy of New World Order & Return of The Watchers & Nephilim On The Dollar Bill


I’ve taken the liberty of adding relevant hyperlinks to further decode what this prophecy actually means to the excerpt below, enjoy. – Nemos


…According to The Galileo Project website, Kepler taught Virgil for six years, while studying astrology in his spare time…Virgil also had a heavy influence on a man by the name of Charles Thomson. He’s the guy who worked on the Great Seal of the United States. Now go grab a U.S. one dollar bill, flip it over and read the motto, Novus Ordo Seclorum under the pyramid. That Latin phrase was taken from a line in the following poem by Virgil.

Muses of Sicily, let me sing a little more grandly…Now the last age of the Cumaean prophecy begins: the great roll-call of the centuries is born anew: now Virgin Justice returns, returns old Saturn’s reign, With a new breed of men sent down from heaven. Only favour the child who’s born, pure Lucina, under whom the first race of iron shall end, and a golden race rise up throughout the world: now your Apollo reigns.

* * *

He will take on divine life, and he will see gods mingled with heroes, and be seen by them, and rule a peaceful world with his father’s powers.

* * *

O dear child of the gods, take up your high honours (the time is near), great son of Jupiter! See the world, with its weighty dome, bowing, earth and wide sea and deep heavens: see how everything delights in the future age!

— Excerpts from Virgil’s Eclogue IV: The Golden Age

The original Latin phrase translated into English as, “The great roll-call of the centuries is born [or begins] anew.” in the first paragraph is: “Magnus ab integro seclorum nascitur ordo”. Thomson shortened this phrase to Novus Ordo Seclorum, which means, “A New Order of the Ages,” and placed it below the Great Pyramid on the Great Seal.

The phrase, Annuit Coeptus above the pyramid means “favors undertakings.” It is an incomplete statement, thus the subject must be supplied. Who is the one favoring and what undertakings are being favored? The iconography must be taken as a whole. Therefore, the meaning and answer to those questions is in the Great Seal itself. The “Eye of Providence” that sits hovering over the pyramid and between Annuit and Coeptus is better known as the “All-Seeing-Eye” of Horus-Osiris-Nimrod, and it serves as the best candidate for answering the question of “who” we are talking about here.

However, if we were to take it a step further and consider what (or who) “inspired” Charles Thomson to use this phrase, we must again look to his favorite poet, Virgil.

In Book IX of Virgil’s Aeneid, we find the Latin phrase, “Audacibus annue coeptis.” Essentially, it means, “Grant me success in this brave venture.” It is a prayer. To whom is the subject (in this case, Ascanius) praying? He is praying to his god, Jupiter/Zeus, asking him for victory in his battle against Remulus.

“All-powerful Jupiter, assent to my bold attempt. I myself will bring gifts each year to your temple, and I’ll place before your altar a snow-white bullock with gilded forehead, carrying his head as high as his mother, already butting with his horns, and scattering sand with his hooves.”

— Excerpt from Virgil’s Aeneid, Book IX

Note how we have Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Babylonian themes all on one “cypher” on the back of our currency. We must acknowledge that there is a great deal of information encoded in the symbols of our nation’s Great Seal — all of which is hidden in plain sight. Thus, we must be made aware that the “IN GOD WE TRUST” is not the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but rather the god(s) of the ancient, pagan world! Both Thomson and Kepler taught and were influenced by Virgil.

~Gearing Up For Apollo: Part 1- Architects of a Spherical World


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