Advice For My Children From An End Times Sage (Heavily Censored Historian/Reporter/Pastor/Warrior)

Some suggestions for my children.

*Heavy Metal Detox – aka Chelation – Aka Go Slow or Else – Liposomal Glutathone is most powerful heavy metal detoxer – so powerful it will rip the mercury from your “silver” dental fillings…

*Avoid non organic and GMO foods. especially since MRNA contamination era has begun. Or else. 3rd generation rats fed on GMO corn had hair growing in their mouth if they survived birth at all. MRNA is the Mark of the Beast – waiting for the software update and launch.

*Avoid sugars, energy drinks, bad coffees, they steal your nutrients and minerals from your bones (Healthy coffees arent filled with the same junks)

*Avoid alcohols, they make you fat and slow, and turn to sugar in your body. Carbs in general do this – turn to sugar. The healthiest and most nutrient dense foods are Meats>Fruits>Vegetables in that order.

*Natural food is not the same as gmo and made tampered and poisoned. Learn to grow food and make it a lifelong hobby in a pot or in a 100 acres, always useful. Always novel, always makes you interesting and cool and you can always use it to gift people cuttings, seeds, etc.

*Learn multiple gigs and skip college, focus on useful real world skillsets to compete with and focus on production moreso than service when feasible. Money is of little value anymore, even if you hoard it up – it will lose all its value. Silver and Gold are the form of money God gave us, used even for Temple taxes in scripture.

*Then THEY Corrupted money with usury and paper fakes

*Beware Thots, Had hundreds in search of my wife – can’t remember half of them, doesn’t make you feel cool when you get older and wiser. Makes you feel like you wasted your best years chasing ass that never valued you the way the one woman you marry will. Find HER, bind yourself to her, and shield and lead her in this world. Daughter – your market value diminishes with every inch of skin revealed and every man you’ve been with. Be like your mother, wait for the right man.

*Never trust the fake news, or fake science, or fake history. Test it. The globe is a lie with 0 evidence, like the holocaust (This is illegal to say in many nations, the only historical event enforced by corrupt governments, why is that?)

*Don’t let ego trip you up. I came from nothing and built great wealth before losing it for truth, was a handsome man, and easily got what I wanted. I was always the know it all, but know this. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. God tells us that if we know all things, and can see the future, and have not love – we are nothing.

*Don’t get comfortable. They want you comfortable, complacent, and forgetful. Ignorant and helpless. Knowledge IS power. Our People Perish for Lack of Knowledge…

*the distractions of this world are many. Look to your soul, and what comes next – for this world is a fleeting distraction, it has joys – it has sorrows such as you can’t imagine, perhaps – at such a tender age. Do not be deceived: God is real (His name is YHWH) and Jesus is real (and all the stories about Him in scripture are true, not merely stories)

In fact, the Scriptures (edited corruptions like “the Lord” replacing YHWH and “Jew” replacing Israelite Yahudim’s and Judeans, (Makes no sense, like mixing Nemos and American – thus they stole the identity of Europeans as the ACTUAL lost tribes of Israel – America’s 1776 was in Lev. 26:18!) are THE MOST superaccurate collection (library) of history books ever recorded. Atheists continue to seek worldly explanations for impossible feats: 100% accurate prophecies by the hundreds in fine detail across hundreds or thousands of years in sync with one another. Precision. And the miracles such as Sodom and Gomorrah and The Great Flood of Noah, all test true. I was a devout atheist my entire life until my 30s. Please do not be deceived by false sciences you have not tested. They were literally concocted under the “learning against learning” fake news strategy of Rome in order to make you doubt God.

Seek first YHWH, and all other things will be added to you. A good wife, a good life, a purpose, a journey, health and abundance of those things you need for joy and living, and perhaps even a glorious death in His name.

Learn about where you came from, the story of your peoples, and the “rock from which ye are hewn“.

When you’re curious about history – The Hidden His-Story of Man, Myth & The Mystery Babylon Religion of The Deep State, I built it for you, my children – to know the full truth. If you begin to doubt me, and you should – as these extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidences, remember – I provided them, and I never lost debates. This is when you “test all things, and hold fast that which is true” which is advice from our mutual heavenly father.

This life can be painful, but remember – it is a contest by fire – and those who survive are purified and made white – and ready for what comes next.

Remember, my children – my love will never leave you, and I stood at the gates of hell to fight for you. Kiss your mother for me.



My Life.
My Life.





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